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Rob Ninkovich Wins Second Super Bowl

Ninkovich becomes the ninth different Purdue player to win two or more Super Bowls.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

James White’s late heroics with a touchdown in regulartion and then the game-winner in overtime has made Rob Ninkovich a two-time Super Bowl champion. The New England Patriots have won their fifth Super Bowl and they have had at least one Purdue player on each roster. Matt Light won three titles with them. Brandon Gorin and Gene Mruczkowski won two Super Bowls with them. now Rob Ninkovich has won two:

Ninkovich finished the night with only two tackles and was even taken into the end zone by Tevin Coleman to make it 28-3 at one point, but then his team made hte greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and they won the first overtime game in Super Bowl history.

It looks like we have a cnadidate to lead SHOUT at the home opener on September 8th, as it would be the night after New England opens the 2017 NFL season at home.

Congrats Rob!