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First Day of Spring Practice: Predicted 2 Deep on Offense

The first practice of the Brohm era starts today.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Jeff Brohm era officially start today, the first spring practice opens at 3:30 today, and from what I have read, I believe it is open to the media/public. The location is to be determined, if weather isn’t perfect expect it to be indoors at the Mollenkoph Athletic Center, if the rainy weather clears up, it could be outside on the practice field.

There are so many questions going into the season. Many won’t be answered until the summer practices occur, but some might be clarified over the next month or so before the spring ball game. There are many holes on the roster, expect a lot of freshman to play in the fall, but for now, Coach Brohm has what he inherited, and some mid-year enrollees.

So, what should the offensive 2 deep look like for the spring practice? Here is my guess:


  1. David Blough
  2. Elijah Sindelar

Some believe that Sindelar may push Blough for the starting position, I am hesitant to get on the wagon. Blough is the reigning leader of the B1G in passing yards and passing touchdowns (also interceptions but we ignore that). I am confident Brohm will like Blough’s in game experience, but don’t be surprised if Sindelar or even summer enrollee Nick Sipe pushes Blough.

Running Back:

  1. Markell Jones
  2. D.J. Knox - If healthy
  3. Brian Lankford-Johnson

I think we all can agree that the incumbent, Markell Jones, will probably own this job again. The question is, can he have a bounce back year after being hurt most of last season hurt his effectiveness on the field. D.J. Knox is an exceptional football player and will split carries if he is healthy after another Purdue torn ACL. BLJ, showed great ability when coming in for Markell last season, showing the big play ability, look for him to be in the mix. Will the once up and coming Keyante Green get another shot with the new staff? He is a big back at 230 pounds, but he was clearly in the dog house with Hazell, the Senior has a point to prove, I hope he gets in the rotation as well.

H-Back/Fullback/Short Yardage:

  1. Richie Worship
  2. David Yancey

I don’t think there is much debate that Worship will have this role with our team. He is a bruiser at 250 pounds, he carried the ball a few times last year and was pretty effective. Averaging about 4 YPC, for a big back that is nice. Yancey is only 220 pounds, but has played the H-back role in the past. But is often injured


  1. Terrance Landers, Jr.
  2. D.J. Edwards

There are some guys that will be here this summer that will compete for the outside receiver spots, Isaac Zico & Terry Wright look like prime candidates to take those spots. But, this is for the spring. Landers, Jr. was a really good get for Hazell’s last class. He is big, at 6’4” and extremely athletic. D.J. Edwards, a mid year enrollee will push for this spot, the receiver out of Florida is explosive.

Slot Receiver:

  1. Tyler Hamilton
  2. Malik Kimbrough/ Jackson Anthrop

This is another spot that has to be cleared up. Hamilton was highly sought after in the recruiting process, picking us for a chance to play. Jackson Anthrop was great on scout last year and will push for PT as a back up. Hamilton is a typical slot guy, about 5’10” and extremely shifting. Look for a good spring from him.


  1. Anthony Mahoungou
  2. Gregory Phillips

This is another position that will be clarified in the summer practices. The Frenchman boasts great size at 6’3”. Phillips has played before, but hasn’t been very effective. Here is a spot that I could see Isaac Zico taking over.

Tight End

  1. Cole Herdman
  2. Brycen Hopkins

Both of these guys have NFL bodies for the tight end spot. 6’5” 240 pounds or so. This is a position where we don’t need to worry too much. Brian Brohm has already said to expect to see a lot of 2 tight end sets. I am so okay with that.

Left Tackle:

  1. Jalen Neal
  2. Ethan Smart

Left Guard:

  1. Mike Mendez
  2. Jalen Jackson


  1. Kirk Barron
  2. Bryce Brown

Right Guard:

  1. Bearooz Yacoobi
  2. Eric Swingler

Right Tackle

  1. Grant Hermanns
  2. Ethan Smart

The offensive line 2 deep was a challenge. McCann is injured, so there is missing starter. Will Patterson be back who knows? This won’t be figured out in the spring, the offensive line isn’t looking great right now. We have size at the tackles, 6’8 & 6’7, but how well do they move? Choosing these guys was basically trying to shoot fish in a barrel, there is no real clarity. That is why OL is a point of emphasis for Brohm in the coming years. Look for Viktor Beach to make an impact this summer to help with depth as well.

Those are my educated guesses. I am excited to welcome a new era of Purdue football, but there is also so much to fix. I trust the process and trust Coach Brohm. If you can make it to practice it is as 3:30, location TBD.