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Off Topic Post: Let’s Help Out If We Can.

Nine days ago, two young girls were murdered in nearby Delphi, Indiana.

On February 13th, 2017, two young girls from Delphi, Indiana, about 20 minutes from campus went missing.

The next day, they were found dead in the woods. This post isn’t Purdue related and nor should it be. We at Hammer & Rails have the unique opportunity to reach thousands of people everyday and we want to take advantage of it by trying to help out our local community with this presumptive double-homicide.

At 10 AM this morning, the police and investigators held a press conference, releasing a few new items.

First of all, you can see the picture below, of who the main suspect is:

While it isn’t very clear, the investigators in the case have deemed this man as the main suspect. No one has clearly identified this man and honestly it is hard to do, as you cannot really get a clear photo of the man.

Last week, the rumor was that this photo was from a trail cam on the land where these woods are at. As of this morning, the police have that this photo actually came from Liberty German’s phone.

Liberty also recorded an audio clip on her phone that says “Down the Hill”, it is amazing that she had the composure to get both a picture and audio of the man who is the primary suspect.

Liberty German & Abigail Williams were only 8th Grade students at Delphi Community Middle School, if you have an ideas or tips, even of the most minuscule, please call the hotline phone number I have put below. Also, feel free to watch the press conference from 10 AM, from what the investigators updated us on. Click here for the press conference .