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National Signing Day: Tobias Larry

Big Ten Tournamnet: Ohio St. Buckeyes v Purdue Boilermakers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Tobias Larry, the man with two first names, put pen to paper and then paper to fax machine this afternoon, pledging his fealty to Purdue. Larry is an intriguing 6’2, 200 pound 3* outside linebacker from Lakeland, Florida. Tobias had a plethora of offers including Louisville, Kentucky, Illinois and a pu-pu platter of Florida schools, but knew in his heart that they were all lame and Purdue was straight fire.

From Larry’s highlight film, I ascertain that he does a good job of using his eyes both in coverage and in the run game. He diagnosis the play first and then uses his closing speed to render it impotent. Larry isn’t the biggest guy on the field, but he is more than happy to transform his body into a heat seeking missile and detonate a ball carrier. He is an intriguing prospect and will only get better as he fully matures into his true form of half man / half tackling machine.

Here is just a taste of what Tobias will bring to the hallowed grass of Ross Ade.