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Custom Hammer & Rails Shirts Are Back

We have some of our best GameDay Depot shirts back on Web Community Tees

I know many of you have enjoyed the vintage tees offered by Martin Tees, but several of our former shirts are now back and available at Web Community Tees. Web Community tees took over for our old GameDay Depot shop, and they have brought back a few of our more popular designs.

The first is the Baptizing the Masses design, reflecting on one of our favorite basketball moments. The second design is our Holy Toledo design, celebrating one of our favorite football moments.

The link to our full shop is here, and in it you’ll find all of the designs we come up with. I am trying to get them to do a “Defense Lives Here” shirt, and we should have the following shirt soon available as a rebuttal to a certain student section that took umbrage with us in a recent game.

I’ll keep this post available on the front page and update it as necessary, too. I am sure these would make great Christmas gifts!

UPDATE: We have two more shirts available, as the Street Fight Between the Whistles is available as well as the above Beauty is Only Skin Deep design.

Free standard shipping and Rush Guaranteed upgrade: Thursday, 12/14

  • As I said, this is the last day to place an expedited order and still expect to receive it by Christmas.
  • To give customers one last chance to get a Christmas present for someone, we're offering both (1) free standard shipping (a savings of $4.95), and (2) a free upgrade to Rush Guaranteed production (a savings of another $7). If they order by the end of this day, they'll get it by Christmas or it will be free.
  • Make sure your readers know that if they want it by Christmas, THEY HAVE TO CHOOSE RUSH GUARANTEED as the production speed option. Let them know that the original prices will display when the options are first presented, but when they choose one of them, the price will then change to the special sale price of $0.00.

To also get the free shipping, tell them to use this code: FREESHIPDAY