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Tommy Luce Leads Off Sportscenter

GET LUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NCAA Basketball: Lipscomb at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Get Luce, everyone!

Tommy Luce is the latest walk-on legend. We have had Bobby Riddell, Bubba Day, Mark Wohlford, and Jon McKeeman, but Tommy Luce seems to be taking it to new levels. While Bubba Day won a Name of the Year competition, Luce led off Sportscenter tonight with Scott Van Pelt:

The world is learning of the legend of Tommy Luce. He drops dimes like a bank teller, which is Luce Change. He has a Eurostep (which Eurostep is a fancy word for travel) that would cause an international incident. Women want him and men want to be him because his sensual moves impregnanted every woman in attendance at Mackey Arena tonight.

Seriosuly though, this is a great honor for Tommy. It is highly unlikely he is ever going to hit the game-winner for Purdue, but he is having a lot of fun out there. That is the point of walk-ons.