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VIDEO: Purdue Basketball’s New Intro is FIRE

Purdue basketball had a special intro Sunday for the 50th anniversary celebration.

NCAA Basketball: Northwestern at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Before today’s game fans attending the special 50th anniversary game at Mackey Arena were told to get to their seats early for a special surprise. In recent seasons Purdue has had a nice introduction video that plays on the video board and it works with a special Lights App that sync fans’ cell phones for a special lights display.

That is nothing compared to what we saw today:

You may have seen something like this before in the NHL, where the white ice surface makes it more possible to do a display like this:

The New Jersey Devils even take you straight to hell:

To my knowledge this is the first college basketball team to do this, but the Cleveland Cavaliers have done it:

The Miami Heat did it for their ring ceremony:

This was a pretty sweet video and hopefully it is the first of many. We have so much more we can add to it.