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Purdue Football: Eddy Wilson Not Available for Bowl Game

Some kids just don’t get it.

NCAA Football: NCAA Football: Purdue at Iowa Brian Powers-USA TODAY Sports

Per Mike DeFabo, on Twitter, Eddy Wilson will not be available for tomorrow’s game.

Eddy Wilson was a fringe kid coming back to the team in the early spring. If you recall, back in March, it was up in the air if he would be on the team this season, due to the same damn reason he isn’t playing right now - Academics.

It has been known that Eddy doesn’t really like school. He ha openly said he would entertain going to the NFL Draft after his junior season, because he doesn’t enjoy school.

After he fixed a few things academically, he said he appreciated the new coaching staff allowing him to get things right to get back on the team to play football.

It doesn’t sound like the Ole’ Ball coach is too happy about this either, saying his status for next season is now up in the air. As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me”. I bet you Coach Brohm won’t get fooled a third time, so it would not surprise me if Wilson is not back on the team come spring.

Just do your darn part as a STUDENT-Athlete. Get your grades, do your job, do the time so you have the opportunity to get where you are wanting to get - the NFL. Sorry, but no one is drafting a guy that started once and appeared in 8 games as a back up. If he can’t dedicate himself to what keeps him eligible who is to say he won’t dedicate himself to the lifestyle needed to be a professional athlete.

His best chance was to get his grades and be back for his senior season, where he would have started next to Lorenzo Neal Jr for the entire season. But, unless Brohm believes in third chances - which my gut says he doesn’t - then he is all but gone.

According to our very not precise and probably wrong scholarship grid, we are over about 8 scholarships for 2018. This could be the first domino to fall as far as guys not coming back, but who knows, it is the holiday season, the time of giving. Maybe Coach Brohm gives another opportunity, I doubt it though.