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2017 Foster Farms Bowl: H&R Staff Predictions

The staff of H&R chimes in on tomorrow’s game.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

It’s prediction time! Tomorrow’s bowl game is a celebration for Purdue football. It marks a return to at least respectability. It is also a great chance to build on something more for 2018. We’re all expecting a competitive game. Arizona has a solid offense and struggling defense. Purdue has the opposite. it should be fun to watch.

Drew Schneider

First of all, I'm currently waging war on Christmas, and I've yet to surrender. Second, Purdue 31 Arizona 24.

Juan Crespo

Given how Purdue played Arizona in the Bahamas, I would expect a similar result. Of course, don't expect Zona to collapse like last time, but if we can get Carsen or PJ hot, feed Haas, and get Mathis and Vinc...*gets smacked in the head by a book*

Oh shit, this isn't basketball? What do you mean we're playing football in December? In a bowl game? Is that allowed? Are you sure?

Arizona 31, Purdue 30

Kyle Holderfield

Arizona has a dynamic QB, one the most similar to Lamar Jackson we have seen all year. He will make plays, but I am unsure who they have other than him to make plays.

I think with a couple extra weeks of prep, the special teams will look great, winning us that phase of the game. The offense will look more polished as well, and will get some guys back that were hurt for the IU game.

Purdue 27, Arizona 17

Andrew Holmes

I know Purdue can compete here, but Arizona's offense is going to be just a bit too much. But fret not, cause during the game Mexico is going to declare war against the US and drop a nuke on their state, killing everyone.

Arizona 24, Purdue 20

Andrew Ledman

Purdue takes on Arizona in a (checks sheet) bowl game Wednesday. (Bowl game, that can’t be right...) I don’t know much about Arizona but I do know that every time I’ve doubted Jeff Brohm I’ve been proven wrong.

Purdue has certainly shown they can play with anyone this season with the crown jewel being the run defense. I don’t expect the Jane Foster Farms Bowl to be any different.

At the start of the season the only person on this staff who believed Purdue could get to a bowl game was Travis so kudos to him. He is picking Purdue to win so I’m gonna go along.

Purdue 35, Arizona 31


Is this what it is like to have football hope again? Khalil Tate has had a great season, but struggled in his last few games and Purdue's run defense has, for the most part, been excellent. The Boilers have not won a bowl game over a major opponent in 15 years since the 2002 Sun Bowl. There is optimism though, and positive momentum since beating Indiana. Also, the Arizona defense is not very good. I think Purdue gets this and gets some great momentum for 2018. Markell Jones has another big day and the Purdue defense frustrates Tate.

Purdue 38, Arizona 31