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Purdue Football: Instant Impact Incoming Freshmen

Which of the incoming players will make an instant impact?

NCAA Football: Indiana at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

So, we had 22 guys sign yesterday for the early signing period. Of these 22, who could have an immediate impact? There are some absolute studs in this class that I am so excited for. I have a list of about 7 that could make an impact right away.

  1. Amad Anderson - Wide Receiver, 6’1”, 180 Pounds, New York
  2. Kory Taylor - Wide Receiver, 6’5”, 200 Pounds, Ohio
  3. Jordan Bonner - Wide Receiver, 6’3”, 190 Pounds, Georgia

I am going to go ahead and group these three together. Outside of Anthony Mahoungou the last two or three games of the season, we had absolutely no playmakers on the outside. Well, that issue is fixed with this recruiting class. All three of these guys can play and can play right away. Anderson is the one that Coach Brohm seems to be most high on.

Kory Taylor is a sub 4.5 forty yard dash guy. At his size and with his speed, he will be hard to keep off of the field. Now, if he can’t catch a ball, then it is a different story. But, it does not appear as if that is an issue when looking at his film.

Jordan Bonner is another receiver that has great size and speed. He has been a commit with us for quite sometime now. Jordan could come in and get in the rotation. Of the three, he may be the most athletic. He was an absolute stud his senior year of High School.

  1. Jack Plummer - Quarterback, 6’5”, 220 Pounds, Arizona

Hear me out here. He may not start, but his impact will be felt. David Blough will be in recovery for the ankle injury he suffered against Illinois. Elijah Sindelar has an undisclosed knee injury that he has been battling for some time now. SO, if they are both in recovery after the bowl season, who does that leave? It leaves Nick Sipe, Griffin Alstott and Jack Plummer. Plummer is the guy Coach Brohm says was the number one QB on their board. He is very high on him. He will get some very early reps in the winter and spring if both Blough and Sindelar are still recovering.

You don’t say that unless you love him. He loves him.

  1. Jordan Rucker - Defensive Back, 6’, 190 Pounds, Texas

We have an obvious hole at the cornerback position with Okoyne and Hunte graduating. The guys behind them have not shown any promise what so ever either. While, those guys can get better, obviously. Rucker is a guy that is primed to come in and get some playing time. He is as polished as an incoming corner can get. Rucker is very very good.

  1. Elijah Ball - Defensive Back, 6’1”, 190 Pounds, Indiana

Elijah Ball has played both corner and safety at Ben Davis High School. Good news for him, we have a hole at both spots. Elijah won a state championship with Ben Davis. He is a proven winner, back in February he had no FBS offers, now, he is headed to the B1G.

  1. Cory Trice - Defensive Back, 6’3”, 190 Pounds, Kentucky

The last guy I think could have an immediate impact is Cory Trice. Trice is a ball hawk. He can cover from sideline to sideline. At 6’3” he is exactly what they want in a corner or safety. A long athletic guy that can cover the entire field. He can also come down hill and fill in the run game if need be as well. He could easily put on 20 pounds and be a monster in the middle of the field.