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Bryson Scott Completes Hoosier-Killer Career

We see you, Bryson. Well done.

Ohio State v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Indiana Hoosiers will no longer have to play Bryson Scott, and they are probably damned grateful they won’t have to, either. Bryson Scott is a Hoosier Killer and tonight he accomplished something that few, if any Purdue players have ever done in their careers:

He never lost to Indiana.

Yes, Bryson has not played for Purdue in three years. His Boilermaker career saw his minutes dwindle in his second season, leading to his transfer to Fort Wayne. Even through that, he completed the career sweep of the Hoosiers by going 3-0 with Purdue and a very impressive 2-0 with the Mastodons.


Purdue 82, Indiana 64 at Purdue

Purdue only played Indiana once in Bryson’s freshman season and it won big in West Lafayette. Bryson had 5 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists in 19 minutes, showing that he had some promise for the future of the rivalry. This was the Sterling Carter game though, and Purdue would not win a game the rest of the season.


Purdue 83, Indiana 67 at Purdue

This was the Bryson Scott game. To this point Bryson was in Painter’s doghouse. He had only played four minutes in the previous six games, including not at all against Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Then he was unleashed. Needing a big home win Bryson went a little nuts on the Hoosiers. He had 11 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists in 22 minutes. He also played excellent disruptive defense to throw the Hoosiers off.


Purdue 67, Indiana 63 at Indiana

This is more commonly known as the Jon Octeus game, but once again Bryson came out of nowhere. He hadn’t even played in the previous two games at Rutgers and at home against Nebraska, but Painter uncaged him and, again, his defense was a difference-maker. He only scored two points and had a rebound and a steal, but he was disruptive in 11 minutes. Again, it was a shock because he hadn’t gotten off the bench the previous two games.


Fort Wayne 71, Indiana 68 (OT) at Fort Wayne

After leaving Purdue and sitting out a year to transfer home at Fort Wayne Bryson got a fourth game against Indiana. The Hoosiers worked out a 2-for-1 and agreed to play at the Coliseum in Fort Wayne, and they entered as the No. 3 team in America. Bryson had his best game yet with 18 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 steals in arguably the biggest win in program history for the Mastodons. Sure, we had no idea Indiana would fall off a cliff, but at the time it was a monumental upset.


Indiana State 90, Indiana 69 at Indiana

A special shoutout here to Bryson’s twin brother, Brenton. He got in on it with his only game ever against the Hoosiers as a 5th year senior at Indiana State. He connected on six three-pointers and finished with 24 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists in a stunning 90-69 season opening win in Bloomington for the Trees. The Scott family must own IU.


Fort Wayne 92, Indiana 72 at Indiana

It is one thing to win at home in overtime. I give Indiana credit for having the balls to go on the road against a mid-major because that is always a trap game for a major conference team. To get blown out by 20 at home by the same mid-major? Well, I guess Saturday wasn’t a turning point for Indiana. Bryson finished with 26 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, and 4 steals while his team hit 17 threes in completely dominating the second half.

So there you have it. Bryson closes out his career 5-0 against Indiana and the Scott brothers are a combined 6-0. Unless we get a postseason rematch in the NIT or NCAAs they’ll stay that way too. As far as the last time a 4-year Purdue player completed the career sweep of Indiana you probably have to go back to the days of John Wooden. Purdue won every game between 1929 and 1932, going 8-0 against the Hoosiers in that stretch.

Oh, and as a coincidence, IPFW will officially become Purdue Fort Wayne on July 1st and like the parent school, they now lead the all-time series with Indiana 2-1.