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New Martin Vintage Shirt Released

We have a classic Purdue Pete design from the 60s.

As you know, we have had some pretty good deals for vintage Purdue shirts of late with Martin Vintage. They continue to be a great partner and I know several of you have purchased their designs. Well, we have yet another design that was just released.

We have another Purdue Football shirt that will have available on our website and will be ready to ship on 12/11/17. We think it is awesome. It has the Block P on the front and a Purdue Pete from the late 60s on the back.

This is a great new design with the vintage looking Purdue Pete from the 60’s. If you order with their promo code: “HAMMERANDRAILS”, you can get 20% off right now.

We will keep this post up and available at the site, but these are some good looking shirts. Feel free to take a look and buy a few.


Martin Vintage has released another new shirt. This shirt features Pete getting ready to strike his hammer down and features the phrase Boiler Up Hammer Down. This newest shirt is available in sizes S-XXL and is printed on a 50/50 cotton-poly blend shirt. We think people are going to love it!!