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Purdue Football: Where are we for 2018?

There have been a few players to decommit in the past few days, so where are we at?

NCAA Football: Indiana at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

In the past couple of days, Destin Coates (RB) and Connor Parks (DE) both rescinded their verbals to the Boilers.

The reasons are truly unknown, but we do know that the entire Purdue coaching staff is out doing their job, recruiting players all over the nation.

But, where do we stand position wise? Where do we need more help at? Where are we done recruiting at? I am here to help you with this. This recruiting class is still ranked in the top 40 in nation, ranking at 37 by

Quarterback (1)

  • Jack Plummer - 3*

Jack Plummer is our lone quarterback commit for 2018. He plans on enrolling in January to get a head start here at Purdue. Plummer was dominant in Arizona during his senior year. This was the quarterback this staff wanted, and they got.

Running Back (0)

Clay Harris and Destin Coates have both decomitted in the previous few weeks. So, here we are with 0. This is a position of need, as out backs are starting to get older, most will be juniors next season. I would love for us to get Johnny Adams from Ben Davis, he is very very good.

Wide Receiver (3)

  • Jordan Bonner - 3*
  • Amad Anderson - 3*
  • Tayvonn Kyle - 3*

All three of these receivers are important grabs for the 2018 class. Amad Anderson is supposed to be enrolling in January with Jack Plummer. He and Bonner are projected as more outside receivers. Tayvonn Kyle is more of a slot receiver. Kyle and Bonner are both from Georgia, Amad is from the east coast, Staten Island, New York.

Tight End (0)

As of now, Purdue does not have any tight ends. We have a great offer to Michael Parker, a 3* TE from Alabama. He is 6’6”, 235 pounds, we have been after him for a while now, but it appears as if larger schools are starting to come after him, such as Alabama, an offer he has been waiting for.

Offensive Line (4)

  • Charles Allen - 3* OG
  • Eric Miller - 3* OT
  • Will Bramel - 3* OT
  • Jimmy McKenna - 3* OT

Coach Brohm is getting offensive lineman in this class. All four of these guys are athletic, tall linemen. Exactly what Brohm wants in his offensive linemen.

Defensive Line (6)

  • Lawrence Johnson - 3* DT
  • Willie Lane - 2* DE/Rush End
  • Kelvin Stokes Jr - 3* DE/Rush End
  • Branson Deen - 3* DE/ Rush End
  • Jack Sullivan - 3* DE/Rush End
  • Jack Cravaack - 3*DE/Rush End/TE

Cravaack could either be a defensive end or Tight End. Only Brohm knows. Branson Deen and Lawrence Johnson are both Indiana kids, with Coach Brohm showing that he is dedicated with Indiana kids. This is a great group of pass rushers. Do not be surprised if you see another one added. Coach Brohm always says they over recruit the trenches, on both sides.

Linebackers (2)

  • Jaylan Alexander - 3*
  • Evander Craft - 2* JuCo

I am surprised we do not have more commits here with us losing Bentley, Danny E, McCollum and Hudson. But, Coach Brohm really believes in the young group that he recruited late last year. Craft is a JuCo guy that will come in as a junior.

Defensive Backs (5)

  • Kadin Smith - 3*
  • Elijah Ball - 3*
  • Byron Perkins - 2*
  • Cory Trice - 3*
  • Jordan Rucker - 3*

Purdue loses a lot at defensive back. There is a young group of guys that we already have on campus, but Coach Brohm has shored it up by going out to get 5 guys he really believes in. You can tell that Coach Brohm and Holt put an emphasis on tall and long defensive backs, as most of these guys are over 6’ tall. This is a great athletic group.

We have a great group on recruits coming. I hope most will sign in the upcoming early signing period. Boiler Up!