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Friday Drankin’: Exploring Indiana Brewing with Two Deep Brewing

Downtown Indy continues to have great breweries.

Celebrities At Oktoberfest 2017 - Day 1 Photo by Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images

It is November now, and having lost 17 straight November games, we could use a drink as Purdue Football fans. Hopefully, that ends tomorrow. If not, we still have plenty of solid breweries around the state to drown our sorrows. I know people have commented that I am Indianapolis-centric here, but I tend to go with what I know. I will always accept write-ups from around the state if you want to send them in though.

As for now, let’s look at one more Indianapolis-area brewer.

Two Deep Brewing

714 N. Capitol Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Two Deep is located relatively close to the downtown Indianapolis canal on Capitol Avenue. If you’re venturing to the brewery you should be warned that it is on a one-way street heading South. It is also within pleasant walking distance (about 10 blocks) of Lucas Oil Stadium. It opened at its current location in 2013 and has a nice array of regular favorites as well as seasonal beers. I believe they do a small amount of canning, but most of their take home stuff is by the growler directly from the tap room. That makes them trickier to try, but it is worth it.

Red Sunday Irish Red – There are not enough breweries locally that make a good Irish red, so seeing this as one of their regular beers is a pleasant surprise. It is nice and smooth at on 11.5 IBUs and checks in at 5.9% ABV. It is a sweeter beer with a hint of toffee and caramel, but finishes incredibly smooth, just as an Irish Red should. Think of it as Killian’s, only much better.

Brickhouse Roasted Amber Ale – As hard as it is to find a good Irish Red, a good amber can also be difficult. I have a love/hate relationship with ambers. If they are fresh from the brewery they are some of the best beers I have had. They tend to turn a lot quicker than other beers, however, and go bad. The Brickhouse here is pretty good though. It has a nice coffee aroma and is only slightly bitter at the end. It comes in at 5.8% ABV and 35.7 IBUs.

Jelly of the Month Club Spiced Ale – This is their Christmas seasonal and I love it. It is brewed with ginger root and orange peel as well as cinnamon. It comes in at 5.8% ABV and certainly does not taste like is has 59 IBUs. To me, this is a lot more smooth than that.

They’ve Gone to PLAID! Scotch Ale – This is probably my favorite beer of theirs. It is another darker, stronger beer at 7.7% ABV and 24.3 IBU. It has a nutty aroma and is a tasty, sweet beer. For a strong ale it does not taste like it.