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Purdue vs. Illinois Predictions

Can Purdue find a way back to the win column?

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Purdue
Will we see less of this?
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Juan (4-4) Says:

The last 2 weeks I said Purdue would win, but I wasn't very confident. Sure enough, they lost. Taking one for the team:

Purdue 24

Illinois 27

Holmes (4-3) Says:

If we lose to the Illini this season will be creeping into disappointment range. Oh, and a plague of REDACTED REDACTED everyone in an orange shirt.

Purdue: More

Illinois: Less

Travis (5-3) Says:

I maintain what I have said all week: Even Darrell Hazell could beat Illinois. I think we can all agree that Brohm is better and he has this team playing better than it did at almost any point under Dollard Bill Darrell. This Illinois team is playing worse, too. It cannot stop the run and Purdue has become pretty good at running hte ball the past few weeks. This Illinois team also struggles to throw the ball and loves to turn it over, too. Put all of this together and I think a loss here would be a significant step back. We get it all together and win four games in one season for the first time in five years.

Purdue 31

Illinois 14

Jumbo Heroes (6-2) Says:

Look, I know that Purdue’s offense has been, let’s say...bad, these past few weeks. I also know that Illinois is bad, like Purdue two to three years ago bad. I don’t know what Lovie Smith is doing over in Illinois but it sure isn’t working. There’s so very much to work on for this team. It says something about Brohm that our expectations have changes so drastically in just the first season.

Saturday could be a horror show on the offensive side of the ball. I’d love to believe that Purdue will waltz into this game with confidence and cha cha out with a victory, but I just can’t be that confident right now. The losses to Rutgers and Nebraska have me shook. Purdue should have won both of those games, and that’s a sentence I’ve said probably every season in my Purdue fandom. At some point Purdue has to win those games. I’m not sure Purdue’s offense is going to come out of hibernation but even if it doesn’t I think they will be able to do enough to overcome an abysmal Illinois team.

Purdue 9

Illinois 4

Kyle (5-2) Says:

After two games in a row of not closing out. Purdue gets a multiple score win here. While we have many injuries, thr Illini have way too many freshman to beat us, especially at our place.

Purdue 34

Illinois 17