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Multiple Recruits Say Jeff Brohm is Staying

If the recruits are to be believed, there was nothing but smoke today.

Purdue v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Today has certainly escalated quickly. We expected nothing, then suddenly there was discussion that Tennessee was speaking to Brohm about its open position. That is very likely true and we posted on it late Sunday night. Where things went REALLY crazy is that some hack Sports talk show host in Knoxville said the deal was complete and there would be an announcement that Brohm was going to Tennessee.

For about 20 minutes, people officially lost it. Several sites ran with it like it was done, but we learned our lesson by getting burned too many times. We waited because we wanted more proof than a hack radio host in Knoxville, and eventually things came around. Now, several recruits in his 2018 class are coming forward that Brohm himself is denying all reports:

First, he was in Hopkinsville, Kentucky this morning on a recruiting trip with 2018 commit Cory Trice. that is an odd place to be for this picture if you’re signing a deal with Tennessee:

Next Elijah Ball, a 3-star defensive back from Ben Davis here in Indianapolis, contacted him directly:

He also confirmed that Tennessee did call:

VolQuest, the Tennessee Rivals site, is also saying Brohm is off the table:

Tennessee’s coaching search continues, as the Vols have moved on from Purdue head Jeff Brohm after the two sides discussed the opening in the last day.

Despite a report that Brohm was set to be hired at Tennessee, no deal was ever reached or even close to being finalized, per sources. Another report stated that Tennessee offered Brohm a contract only for the school to block the deal, but a high-ranking university source told that Chancellor Davenport “100 percent” did not block any deal.

So there you have it. They called, but the contract reports were false.