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Purdue Statement on Jeff Brohm

If you’re looking for threads of good news, this is one.

Ohio v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Well, this was scary for sure:

Hyams is the host of a sports talk show in Knoxville and a contributor for Gridiron Now. Gridiron Now, of course, was the original source on Sunday night that said Tennessee had been in contact with Brohm. The way he words this, it sounds like a deal is imminent. That may not be the case, however:

Harralson is an SEC writer for Saturdays Down South, a popular SEC website. He went to the source in Matt Rector, who is Purdue’s football SID and our point of contact for all football communications. Brohm also does not work with an agent, so it would seem any leaks would be coming from Tennessee, for what it is worth. I do like that this statement came directly from Purdue.

There is also this:

Trice is a current Purdue commit from Hopkinsville Kentucky, and that was posted about 15 minutes ago as of this writing, so we have “proof of life” that Brohm is on the ground and recruiting hard for Purdue as of today. (and please, DO NOT ASK FOR A PICTURE WITH TODAY’S PAPER FROM CORY!) Trice is a three-star prospect and Brohm appears to be nailing him down in advance of the early signing period in a few weeks.

So, to recap, ESPN is saying Tennessee has spoken to Brohm (which they very likely did sometime between Sunday and now). Knoxville sports radio feels a deal may be close. Purdue is saying they have not spoken and Brohm is out recruiting.