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ESPN Report: Tennessee Coming After Jeff Brohm

Take four for Tennessee is Jeff Brohm, apparently

NCAA Basketball: Cleveland State at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, it was a random college football news site that was stating that Tennessee was interested in Jeff Brohm. Now it is ESPN:

The Tennessee Volunteers have turned their focus to Purdue's Jeff Brohm to fill their coaching vacancy, sources told ESPN's Chris Low on Wednesday.

Brohm, the former Louisville quarterback who just finished his first season at Purdue, has had discussions with Tennessee officials.

This comes after Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy told them no last night to a reported 6-year, $42 million offer. Brohm’s current contract with Purdue, while lucrative, pales in comparison at 6 years, $19.8 million. Brohm’s base salary was $3.3 million this season, but he did receive a $112,500 bonus for taking Purdue to six wins and a bowl game. He will receive another bonus if he is named Big Ten coach of the year tomorrow.

Should Brohm leave he will owe Purdue $750,000 remaining on the $900,000 loan Purdue gave him to buy out Western Kentucky, plus another $5 million in compensatory damages if he leaves before December 5, 2017.

Brohm would be the fourth choice for the job after the fiasco with Greg Schiano, plus both Duke’s David Cutcliffe and Gundy turning the job down. The report also states Tennessee was in contact with Brohm and there was an executive jet in West Lafayette Sunday from Knoxville.

This could be a long day, and one loss to Tennessee in basketball is already enough. Time to get Markell Jones to get coach Brohm back in the air today.