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Bucket Film Review: Offense - 1st Quarter

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Ok, guys, I’m trying a new format (a format that I ripped off from ShakintheSouthland with permission). I’ve also figured out how to use Gifs (somewhat).

Hope this new look helps simplify things. Feedback always welcome.

Drive 1, Ball on Purdue 20

Down and Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down and Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st&10 10 Shotgun Go Route to Mahoungou down the left sideline Purdue taking a shot to Mahoungo vs man coverage early. Ball slighly underthrown w/ IU DB in decent position and a S coming over the top.
2nd&10 11 Shotgun Option Route to Anthrop Gain 9 Good route by Anthrop and a solid strike by Sindelar. I.U. playing man early.
3rd&1 12 Under Center Offset I Jones off LT w/ fullback lead for 4 Yards. Jones shows good patience. Play designed to go to the left B gap behind Pittman's block, but it's plugged up. Jones bounces play off left tackle for the 1st down.
1st&10 11 Shotgun Shovel pass left to Jones for 11 yards Good design as TE Herdman blocks down on the DE and LT Swingler pulls out to lead the play. Swingler wiffs on his cut attempt on the LB but gets in the way enough for Jones to get the corner.
1st&10 11 Shotgun Jones A Gap Right for 3 yards Jones finds space off Baron's right hip but Scales is their to limit the play. Basic power football out of the shotgun look.
2nd&7 12 Shotgun Pistol Jones off RT for 1 yard Not well blocked as RG McCann loses leverage on the DE and he slides off to make the stop at the line.
3rd&5 11 Shotgun Stop Route to Mahoungou incomplete IU's DB has this covered perfectly and Sindelar hits the IU DB in the back of the head w/ the pass. Got to be a better place to put the ball on that play. May have been a miscommunication on the route.
4th&5 Punt

Drive 2, Ball on I.U. 5

Down and Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down and Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st&Goal 11 Under Center - Ball on IU 5 Anthrop End Around for the touchdown IU DE crashes down for some inexplicable reason and I'm pretty sure I could have made it to the endzone on the end around. This TD was created by Jeff Brohm's playcall.
Anthrop for the walk in TD

Drive 3, Ball on Purdue 34

Down and Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down and Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st&10 11 Shotgun Go Route to Burgess incomplete Burgess had a step but Sindelar with the overthrow. Brohm going for the throat with this play call. A better throw (assuming Phillips makes the catch) and it's a TD.
2nd&10 11 Shotgun Slot Out to Terry Wright for 10 yards IU in man and Purdue throws the quick slot out to Wright, who does a nice job of getting the corner and turning the ball up the sideline for the 1st down.
1st&10 11 Shotgun 5 yard Stop Route to Herdman for 6 yards Sindelar absolutly drills the ball into Herdman with a tiny window. Serious arm talent displayed on this throw.
2nd&4 11 Shotgun Screen Left to Knox for a loss of 4 yards Perfect play call, but Swingler gets smoked and his man gets Knox from behind. A marginal block from Swingler and Knox busts this for big yardage.
3rd&8 10 Shotgun Go Route to Zico incomplete Purdue lucks out, as IU jumps off sides (it's pretty close). The DE blows past Swingler and Sindelar can only put up a 50/50 ball before he gets crushed.
3rd&3 11 Shotgun TE Drag to Herdman incomplete Sindelar tries to fit this into a tight window but Scales makes and excellent play to get his hand in and break up the play.
4th&3 Punt

Drive 4, Ball on Purdue 45

Down and Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down and Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st&10 11 Shotgun Pop pass to Burgess, Fumble, IU recovers Herdman can't push his man to the outside and Burgess slips trying to cut inside. The IU player basically trips Burgess as he tries to keep his balance, and he fumbles forward. Burgess has to put that ball away.

Drive 5, Ball on Purdue 25

Down and Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down and Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st&10 11 Shotgun Backshoulder to Mahoungou down the left sideline for 39 yards I.U. is overplaying the go route, so Brohm goes with the back shoulder throw off the Go, and the I.U. DB gets lost. Perfect throw by Sindelar and Mahoungou is physical enough to get the DB off his back to pick up an additional 15 yards.
1st&10 01 Shotgun Wide receiver screen to Phillips for 2 yards Play is set up well, but Pittman gets blown up by the linebacker he is attempting to block and Phillips is taken down for a short gain. Another play that has everything but 1 key block.
2nd&8 12 Shotgun Flea Flicker to Mahoungou incomplete Brohm continues to attack down the field. Mahoungou comes up with the catch, but the ball takes him out of bounds. Mahoungou is catching everything thrown his way right now. Sindelar has to throw the ball moving to his left, but a little better pass and it's a touchdown.
3rd&13 12 Shotgun Sindelar flushed out of the pocket and throws it away A terrible delay of game penalty pushes Purdue back 5 yards. Sindelar is looking at a route combination on the right side, but gets flushed and throws it to an open patch of turf.
4th&13 Punt
Perfect back shoulder throw