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Purdue vs. IU; Bucket & Bowl Battle Begins

Can Purdue reclaim the Bucket?

Purdue v Iowa
The running game could be key.
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Before we get into the predictions I just want to point out how unlikely this scenario was at the start of the year. Before Purdue hired Jeff Brohm most of us had already written this season off as a total loss. I was among those folks who thought that regardless of who Purdue hired the best the team could do was maybe 4 wins. That was if everything broke Purdue’s way during the year. If you honestly thought Purdue could make a bowl game this year you were either not paying attention, or you were Travis, who has said the entire season that Purdue had a shot to make a bowl. Kudos to him. With that in mind let’s allow his pick to go first.

Travis (6-5) Says:

Well, we know we probably won’t get blown out, as Purdue has been competitive in every game well into the second half. The fans will bring an energy that has been missing for a while and the players will definitely play with intensity. Statistically, these team are mostly even, but the Hoosiers have played a tougher schedule. In terms of common opponents, Indiana did better against Michigan, while Purdue did better against Wisconsin. Indiana crushed Rutgers while Purdue lost to them. Both beat Illinois in dull games. I think Indiana has the better offense, and it showed against Rutgers, but it feels like everything for Purdue has been building for a cathartic release this week. Spencer Evens kicks a field goal late.

Purdue 27

IU 24

Kyle (8-2) Says:

4 years. It has been 4 years since we last had the bucket. It is time for that to change. IU boasts a more complete offense, led by Lagow and Cobbs (once a Purdue commit). But Purdue's defense is currently top 20 in the nation, which is just crazy.

While the defense of IU is good, it has its holes and I think Brohm will pick at them. Look for a similar game plan as of last week with short throws and a few shots taken.

They have the better O.

We have the better D.

We have the better Head Coach.

Purdue 31

IU 17

Holmes (6-5) Says: last week I picked Iowa and we won, the week before I picked us and we I'm picking IU to win by 3, but not really ;-). Oh and Assembly Hall REDACTED, and a meteor hits REDACTED on the sideline.

IU by 3

Juan (5-6) Says:

It's time for one team to kick the bucket.

Purdue 17


Jumbo Heroes (8-3) Says:

It was five years ago today that Purdue last won the Old Oaken Bucket. Five years. That’s 1,826 including the leap year day of 2016. Tomorrow will be the 1,827th day that the Old Oaken Bucket has spent in exile. The last time Purdue had the Bucket, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama had just faced off in a presidential election, David Letterman was the host of the Late Show, Jay Leno was in his second run as host of the Tonight Show after Conan got kicked out, that Red Bull dude jumped from space like a maniac.

Tomorrow, that ends. Purdue has to, and must win the Bucket back. IU has NEVER won five in a row in this series and I don’t think these seniors want to be part of that type of history. The Purdue offense had one of their best games of the season against a team that has a pretty good offense. The Purdue defense has been great all season and they just need one more game. Tomorrow is that game. I believe in Jeff Brohm and I believe in this team. Let’s win this one #forjoe and #bringthebuckethome to West Lafayette.

Purdue 28

IU 21