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Purdue Football: Relax, Jeff Brohm isn’t Leaving, This Year

There are a lot of rumors swirling right now.

Purdue v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

There are a lot of rumors swirling right now. A lot of rumors that involve our head coach’s name in them. Most recently, UCLA opened up, marking the 5th power 5 team to have an opening - before the season has even ended.

What Coach Brohm has done for our Boilers is nothing less than a miracle. Vegas had us at 2.5 wins for over under. Most fans said with the talent he has, 3 wins would be a miracle. Well, here we are.. 5-6, on the verge of being bowl eligible.

Here is a small quote from Jeff Brohm on job speculation:

Now, he didn’t say he was not leaving 100%. But he didn’t say he was looking either.

Here are the power 5 jobs that have opened up, as of now:



Ole Miss


Oregon State

Another job at Texas A&M is expected to open up as well. It appears as if SEC coaches are on their way out again, with unrealistic expectations from fans, per usual. I have my reasons on why I do not think Coach Brohm is leaving, here is why.

  1. The expectations at Purdue is to rebuild, not to win now. While we want to win after the lost years of Darrell Hazell, we are not in win now mode such as Florida, Tennessee, or (enter and SEC team over inflated expectations). We have five wins currently and we want to build a statue of him already, but as he continues to build, year 3 or year 4 we would expect more of an 8 win season.
  2. Purdue is invested in football, now. Sure, before our new athletic director Mike Bobinski we were not totally invested in football. But now, we are. Coach Brohm is making a nice chunk of change, so are his assistant coaches. There is a new sports complex, plans to re-do Morgan Town area and to now re-do the away locker room (Thanks Jim Harbaugh).
  3. Jeff Brohm could re-enter the Boilermakers into the golden years, that were once alive with Joe Tiller. When Joe Tiller took over, he also had a bare cupboard, took over and a new offense and pretty solid defensive scheme took Purdue to heights it hasn’t been at since the 1960’s. I am not trying to compare Brohm to Tiller - but I do think he can restore the faith and winning mentality that Joe had before retiring. But there is a small change this time. Unlike Joe, having to fight for every thing against Morgan Burke, Jeff Brohm has an athletic director that will work with him, which can go a long way.

But, what could be some reasons for him to leave? There is always a chance.

  1. The SEC can pay him more? Perhaps. The prestige of Florida is always appealing, as they have won multiple championships. The athletes you can get into Florida would be appealing. The offense he could run with those guys, just by keeping Florida guys, well in Florida.
  2. The draw of bigger schools could take him away. There is no doubt other schools will open up. Maybe one he cannot refuse? The idea as a coach in college always seems to climb the hypothetical ladder of coaching. Every single year, there is a coaching carousel where pieces go in different directions all over the country.
  3. The Domino Effect. What if Bobby Petrino leaves Louisville for Tennessee? You know Louisville would come calling. His alma mater, has coached there before. You have to imagine that would be his dream job. Home town, alma mater, endless resources.

Guys, there will rumors flying around. But in reality I would say there is 5% chance that he would actually leave. I do not think he is going anywhere. Should we be worried in a couple of years when his buy out is a little smaller, or after he starts winning 7-9 games here consistently? Sure, we should be. But, as of now, I do not think he is going anywhere.