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Purdue vs. Iowa OMHR Predictions

Can Purdue recover and keep bowl eligibility alive?

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Ya see, because it’s Iowa so there’s corn.
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Travis (6-4) Says:

It's going to be cold, windy, and Purdue is beaten up. That's bad. Iowa has struggled to score points on everyone except Iowa State, Ohio State, and North Texas. That's good! Ultimately, I haven't seen enough out of Purdue's offense since the Rutgers game to have a lot of faith. We're gaining yards, but they are empty yards without points. We also have only one turnover forced in four games and we seem to be relying too much on fake punts to move the chains on 4th downs instead of the ability to get a single yard on the ground. I hope I am wrong, but I think good Iowa shows up and wins.

Iowa 24

Purdue 14

Kyle (7-2) Says:

Iowa isn't that good. Our guys shouldn't be intimidated by them. Now, they are more talented than us, that is true. But the drubbing they put on Ohio State was a game that O$U wins 4 out of 5 times.

I don't think we win this one, but we keep it competetive. It will be a defensive struggle with both offenses being less than stellar. If we turn the ball over a bunch, it will get ugly quick. The Iowa defense can do that to you.

I will go with this.

Iowa 31

Purdue 17

Juan (5-5) Says:

​The only people who care about Iowa are failed presidential candidates. ​

Purdue 14

Our Most Hated Rivals 20

Casey (5-1) Says:

I really do think it comes down to just one thing: Sindelar isn't good at quarterbacking. Blough could make just enough plays to make an upset exciting. I don't think there's any of that with Sindelar behind center. The receivers aren't going to help him and the offensive line is going to struggle to hold back the Hawkeyes. Our defense will keep surprising, but not enough. They'll wear down late.

Iowa 28

Purdue 11

Drew (2-0) Says:

I have abstained from predictions because I don’t like being negative buuuuuuut...

Iowa 31

Purdue 10

Jumbo Heroes (8-2) Says:

If Purdue had any sort of offense they would already be bowl eligible. Unfortunately, they’ve got a handful of injured running backs, Blough is done for the year, and now Sindelar may not be able to go on Saturday leaving Purdue to play their third string quarterback. That could spell trouble against an Iowa team that has beaten Ohio State and then seemed to forget all about that.

For Purdue it’s hard enough to go into Iowa and win during a good year, but right now I just don’t think Purdue can hang with this Iowa team. Purdue’s bowl hopes die tomorrow, but the season is still a success.

Purdue 13

Iowa 28