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Purdue vs. Northwestern Predictions

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Nebraska
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Juan (4-5) Says:

Football will happen. I think.

Purdue 17

Northwestern 20

Holmes (5-4) Says:

Look, we need an upset or two if we're going to make a bowl, and it might as well be against the "spookiest" program in the Big Ten. Purdue pulls it out and Evanston REDACTED Lake Michigan as soon as our team survivors.

Purdue 27

NU 24

Travis (6-3) Says:

Does Purdue have a true upset this season? Yeah, we weren't favored at Missouri, but it turns out they kind of suck. Minnesota and Illinois are bad. Ohio is a very good MAC team, but still a MAC team. The Boilers have been close, but don't have a true upset. Northwestern has walked a tightrope for 3 weeks running and it is time to fall.

Purdue 24

Northwestern 21

Kyle (6-2) Says:

Purdue gets to travel to number 25 Northwestern for a night game. Northwestern was a bit of surprise in the top 25 in my opinion. But, here we are.

Our upset minded Boilers get a chance to knock of a ranked team. It would be a great win. We need 2 of the last 3 to get to 6 wins. This game and home Vs IU seem like the most likely.

While we have made progress, I don't think we get this one. Not enough ball movement without our QB1.

Northwestern 27

Purdue 17

Jumbo Heroes (7-2) Says:

Last week Purdue took care of business against a very bad Illinois team, but it was closer than it should have been. Purdue also lost their on again off again starting QB to a season ending injury. Also last week, Northwestern did what Purdue could not when they defeated Nebraska. That gave Northwestern four straight conference wins to bring them to 4-2 in league play. Considering the way their season started, a week two loss to Duke stands out, it’s incredibly impressive.

Northwestern seems to do this just about every year. They stumble out of the gate and then come on strong to end the year. Fitzgerald does a good job with the players he’s given. I don’t think this season is any different. The days of an easy win against a laughable Northwestern football program are long gone.

Even putting Northwestern aside, the injuries for Purdue are piling up. Important, consequential injuries. On the defensive side both Hunt and McCollum have been given a chance to play (what that chance is I don’t know). If both of them could suit up and be effective I would feel much more confident in picking Purdue. As it stands though I don’t believe Purdue can pull this one off. If Sindelar comes out and improves his completion percentage and both the guys above play on defense I’d pick Purdue, but I can’t guarantee any of those things will happen and as such I’ve gotta pick Northwestern.

Purdue 20

Northwest 24