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Martin Vintage Releases New Purdue Football Shirt

Let’s remember Purdue’s last football Big Ten title.

We have partnered with Martin Vintage to produce another great vintage and officially licensed Purdue shirt. This time we’re paying homage to the 2000 Big Ten championship won by Drew Brees and Co. the Boilers were 8-4 that season, 6-2 in the Big Ten, but tied with Northwestern and Michigan for the conference title. Since Purdue beat both of them during the season it was off to Pasadena for us.

Martin Vintage Shirts is run by Purdue grads and they are all about the vintage logos. They were able to get some of the classic football and basketball logos officially licensed by the University and they have them available in their new shop. As of right now, there are only and handful available, but there are likely more to come.

The best part is that they worked out a deal with us here at H&R. If you order with their promo code: “HAMMERANDRAILS”, you can get 20% off right now.

We will keep this post up and available at the site, but these are some good looking shirts. Feel free to take a look and buy a few.