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Joe Tiller Tribute Video

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Today we honor Joe Tiller at Ross-Ade Stadium. The man who won 87 games, started the Legend of Drew Brees, and did the near impossible by taking Purdue to the Rose Bowl and winning the Big Ten will soon be laid to rest, but today we honor him.

One of those honors is the tribute video released this morning by Purdue football:

It features a lot of our favorite moments: The last minute comeback vs. Michigan State. The Alamo Bowl win over Kansas State. The Brees to Morales pass. The 97 yard TD catch by Taylor Stubblefield. It’s all there.

Most of all, it is coach at his most candid: giving his farewell speech after his final game, a 62-10 win over Indiana in 2008.

Rest easy coach, and good ride, cowboy. I know we’ll miss you.

And yes, you did leave a lot of good memories for me. I’ll cherish them forever.