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Purdue vs. Minnesota Predictions

NCAA Football: Michigan at Purdue
Fearless leader
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Jumbo Heroes (4-0) Says:

With the sad passing of Joe Tiller this past week it seems only right that Purdue would play Minnesota afterward. Purdue and Minnesota had some interesting games including a couple high scoring or multiple overtime games. I’m hoping for an offensive explosion out of Purdue tomorrow to show they can compete in the B1G. I know it’s corny and probably won’t happen but I would love it if the first offensive play Purdue runs tomorrow was a bubble screen. It just seems like it would be a great, subtle way to honor the legacy of the great Joe Tiller.

It’ Boats vs. Boilermakers, Gophers vs. Trains, Fleck vs. Brohm, the coach a lot of Purdue fans wanted vs. the coach we got. It’s an interesting subplot to what should already be an interesting game between two first year head coaches trying to bring their team’s back to respectability after some recent struggles.

I believe in this team and I believe in this staff. Despite the injuries to guys on both sides of the ball, and the first half suspensions from some targeting calls, I think Purdue can win this game. It’s not going to be easy and I don’t know who is going to step up but I think someone will. It’s this kind of game Purdue has to win if they want to reach a bowl game this season.

Purdue 35

Minnesota 31

Holmes (3-1) Says:

P.J. Fleck REDACTED oar REDACTED boat. Good guys win.

Purdue 28

Minnesota 17

T-Mill (3-1) Says:

Both teams look like an injury-riddled house of cards waiting to be tipped over. Minnesota in particular has a very thin secondary with true freshmen for Blough/Sindelar to pick on. I think Purdue jumps out to an early lead kind of like the Missouri game and the Gophers struggle to play catch up. A fresh Ja'Whaun Bentley and Jacob Theineman then come on like a second half soccer sub to finish them off.

Purdue 34

Minnesota 21

Kyle (3-0) Says:

The battle of the new coaches. The outgoing, often times annoying, PJ Fleck vs the knowledgeable offensive guru, Jeff Brohm.

I think we will get a great crowd here for the Tiller Day of Honor. It will be an electric crowd with a lot of emotion from young and old Boilers.

I believe that Holt's defense locks down the Boat and sinks it. Brohm's offense improves, but will still struggle, especially if Fuller is still injured.

Give me Purdue.

Boilers 31

Minnesota 24

Juan (3-1) Says:

Even though Purdue still looks hot and Minnesota does not, I am nervous about this game. I know that Brohm will have this team fired up, but I'm afraid of how Purdue will perform in the first half. I think Purdue might come out a little sluggish in the first half coming off the bye week, especially with a few injuries on the offensive side of the ball. Additionally, Purdue is without two of its top defenders in the first half because of the targeting calls in the Michigan game. If Minnesota exploits that, Purdue could be in big trouble as the coaching staff has noted that this team does not perform as well after halftime. I think Minnesota will jump out to a quick lead in the first half and hold it the rest of the game as Purdue tries to claw back into this game.

Trains 21

Boats 27