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PJ Fleck Releases Joe Tiller Minnesota Tribute

He may not have Rowed the Boat to West Lafayette, but PJ Fleck is a good dude.

NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

About a year ago we were wanting him to Row the Boat to West Lafayette. The tenure of Darrell hazell was coming to a merciful end, and PJ Fleck was the new hotness we wanted to revive Purdue football.

Well, we didn’t get him. Fleck ended up in Minnesota and we’re happy with Jeff Brohm. We can still appreciate what Fleck is doing, however, as he is having Minnesota honor the late coach Joe Tiller this weekend when the Golden Gophers come to Ross-Ade Stadium:

Well done, coach Fleck. As Purdue fans, we really appreciate this. The last visitor complained about our locker room. You created a very touching tribute for our former coach that you never played against, coached against, and one that often beat the pants off of Minnesota, yet respected just because he was a Big Ten innovator. This si something that Minnesota did not have to do, but we’re grateful that they did so.

Thank you very much, coach Fleck.