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Purdue at Northwestern Kickoff Time Announced

Four night games in one season?!? /Faints

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

We’re getting four night games in one season, at minimum. The games against Louisville, Ohio, and Nebraska all kicked off at 7pm or later and so far Purdue has had just two noon kickoffs in Rutgers and Illinois. the fourth night game will be the Northwestern game on November 11th, which will kickoff at 7 pm ET/6pm CT.

It is another national broadcast too, as ESPN2 will be picking the broadcast up. Sure, Purdue is only 3-5, but we’re playing an entertaining brand of football where we have had a shot in every game. Northwestern is also kind of hot after pulling off a 3 overtime win over Michigan State this weekend.

At the very least, this is another opportunity to make an impression on national TV to recruits. They are the ones that want to play in big games. With a win over the Illini we can enter with some momentum and hopefully get a critical fifth win against Justin Jackson and the Wildcats too.