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Purdue vs. Nebraska Predictions

Can Purdue rebound?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Wisconsin
Will this man remain QB1?
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Juan (4-3) Says:

It's Halloween weekend, and Purdue is hosting Nebraska. Last time that happened, weird stuff happened with Purdue jumping out to a 42-16 lead in the 3rd quarter and winning 55-45 (because they almost blew it). I think this game is going to be weird and 2spooky4me

Purdue 31

Nebraska 30

Travis (5-2) Says:

I said all week that we were going to turn things around and beat Nebraska and I am sticking to it. For having just lost to freakin' Rutgers I am strangely optimistic. I think it is because the performance in Piscataway was an aberration compared to the previous 6 games. I think Brohm gets this team ready for a defense that is worse than what the Scarlet Knights had. I think the team is pissed too. They know they missed an opportunity based on everything they said this week. On the other end, Nebraska looks lost. I think we get it done playing at home at night.

Purdue 34

Nebraska 27

Jumbo Heroes (6-1) Says:

When Purdue plays Nebraska I always get to think back fondly onto one of, if not THE, best sports commercial of all-time, don’t @ me.

I can’t tell you the number of times my college roommate and I watched this commercial and just laughed and laughed. I think it’s just the earnestness of the guy trying to get his license plates. Wait, what am I supposed to be writing about again?

Oh right...the game! Last week was awful, Purdue’s offense looked like the person you drunkenly bring home from the bar when you wake up the next day in the cold sobering light of morning. Ugly. I mean it was ugly. Just in case that wasn’t clear.

Brohm is a good coach and a great offensive mind. As Drew pointed out on the site this week though, there’s only so much trick plays and smoke and mirrors can hide this far into the season. Purdue needs more horses on the offensive side of the ball and the many injuries certainly aren’t helping. It appears Tario Fuller will return for Purdue which could make the run game even better. If Purdue could actually catch a pass I would be much more confident in this outcome. I’m going to again pick against my gut and go with my heart.

Purdue 24

Nebraska 14

Kyle (5-1) Says:

Uh. I am really torn on this one. The homer inside of me really wants to choose Purdue, but I have seen our offense the last couple weeks. Not pretty. Getting Fuller back will help the rushing game tremendously, but losing Hermanns at and Herdman at TE will hurt equally as bad.

Yes, Nebraska isn't that great. But, they have an air raid offense and if we do not get a pass rush, I am afraid they could throw the ball on us.

I really am torn on this. I an going to say that we pull this one out, a great environment, under the lights and the players owning the poor performance from last week soeaks volumes.

Purdue 24

Nebraska 17

Holmes (4-2) Says:

Boilers just barely squeak it out and then the entire state of Nebraska is REDACTED by the Children of the Corn.

Purdue 20

Nebraska 17