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Purdue Football Recruiting: Updates on Offensive Recruits

It appears that we are going to be getting some explosive players in 2018.

Purdue v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Purdue has 22 verbal commits for 2018 as of today. As I said all summer, I do expect this number to get up and above 25 with some players who are currently a verbal that will either decommit or be forced to decommit.

Today, we will look at the recruits on the offensive side of the ball. Have you been worried about our offense these past few weeks? No worries, I have been worried as well. Good news, help is on the way.

Jack Plummer - Quarterback

While Jack’s team sits at only 4-5, Jack has been a standout for them. As of now, he is over 2,500 yards passing, 31 touchdowns to only 7 interceptions. That is damn good. He has completed 171 passes of 297 attempts, good for close to 58% completion percentage. Jack is good. Real good.

Cornelius McCoy - Wide Receiver

I could not find up to date stats on McCoy. What I do know is that McCoy is a lightning quick sot receiver, something that we currently lack in the receiving core is speed. He will come in and boost that immediately.

Jordan Bonner - Wide Receiver

Another kid where his stats are not up to date. Bonner is a 6’3” outside wide receiver that will bring size and speed to the receiving core. Currently, his team is 11-2 in Georgia, which is pretty darn good, considering the level of competition in the state.

Clay Harris - Running Back

Clay had a slow start to his senior year. He has picked it up as late. A 0* recruit as of now and not showing too much promise throughout this season, he could be a kid that might be pushed out for another player, say Johnny Adams from Ben Davis. As of now, he is averaging 4.7 YPC, 94 carries for 439 yards.

Destin Coates - Running Back

Now here is a kid that will stick. Destin has had a dominant year in the state of Florida, leading his team to a 5-2 record as of now. Destin has 65 carries for 718 yards, good for 11 yards per rush. Destin will be a solid running back for us in the future.

Charles Allen - Offensive Line

Charles has helped pave the way for an explosive offense at Doss High School in Kentucky, playing a vital role in their 6-3 record.

Eric Miller - Offensive Line

Same as above, Eric plays on a very successful team in Mason, Ohio. He has been a vital point for their offensive line, setting the edge for them. Mason High School sits a 7-2

Will Bramel - Offensive Line

Another piece in the makeover of the offensive line to bring in tall athletic fellas, the 6’6”, 280 Pound Bramel protects the blind side for his quarterback. He has helped lead Boyle County High School to an 8-1 record.

Jimmy McKenna - Offensive Line

Jimmy is gearing up for the state playoffs in Ohio. He has been a focal point for the offensive line that has helped lead his Avon High School team to a 9-0 record!

Most of these guys are preparing for their state playoff runs. Lets all wish them good luck as they all try and fulfill their dreams of becoming a state champion! Boiler Up!