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The People Have Spoken! David Blough Should Start!

We are in the United States, so we let the people decide.

Purdue v Missouri Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Last night, we started this little poll here...

And the people have spoken! David Blough should be the starter.

After Saturday’s game, there was a ton of speculation on the Twittersphere saying who should start and why, literally, all weekend. There are obvious pros and cons to each one of these guys, so lets dive a little bit deeper into this.

The Winner: David Blough


  • Leadership qualities
  • Running ability
  • Short pass accuracy
  • Experience
  • Commands the huddle


  • Happy feet in the pocket
  • Makes too many mental errors
  • Holds on to the ball too long
  • Deep ball lacks accuracy at times
  • Being coachable (perhaps?)

Okay, lets break down the chosen starter. There is no doubt about this, David Blough has all of the leadership qualities you look for in a quarterback, on and off the field he appears to be best kind of teammate. He leads by example, sometimes not by play but by his attitude. Another pro for DB is that he has the ability to run, which is an important trait to have if 1. the offensive line allows pressure, 2. holds on too the ball too long (see cons), sometimes he relies too much on his running ability.

DB has nice touch on his short game, where his long ball touch leaves much to be desired, rarely are his interceptions thrown from the 5 to 15 range on a pass, it is generally if the pass travels over 20 yards. I tend to agree here though, I would rather us take the easy 5 yard pass and let the wide outs do the work.

DB also has much more game experience than his competitor. He has had a full season under his belt already and can work himself out of bad situations. Some of his cons are evident though, the last couple of games when he goes in, it appears as if he is trying to do too much by holding on to the ball too long, leading to a sack and killing a drive.

One large thing I have noticed is that when Coach Brohm is reaming into him, which has become quite normal, DB sometimes is not looking at him and just taking the coaching. He sometimes stares off to the side of Coach Brohm, which could be a large portion of why Eli has been starting over DB. Sure, with the last staff if you made a mistake you were coddled, DB is used to that, but this new staff is going to tell you what you messed up, which is how it should be done.

The back-up:


  • Big arm
  • Confidence
  • Size
  • Next play mentality


  • Short throw accuracy
  • Ball has one speed (fast)
  • Not a great runner
  • Does not step up in pocket
  • Vision of the field

Okay, so you guys said the back up should be Sindelar. Here is what I got on him so far this year. Elijah has a large arm, he can throw the deep ball with the best of them. This is for two reasons, 1. He has one ball speed and that is hard and fast, 2. He is a big imposing quarterback that can see down field better. He seems to be better at that than DB, but we lack big plays with both quarterbacks.

Elijah has great confidence, he will go out there and try to fit the ball into tight spots, to a fault sometimes, but there is rarely a time when he does not appear confident. That goes hand in hand with the next play mentality I listed, Elijah forgets the last play, whether it be a pick or a touchdown, he appears to always look ahead. DB lets poor choices linger on his play throughout the game.

Now the cons of Elijah are obvious. We saw on Saturday his ball speed on his short throws is much too fast, he needs to take it down a notch or two, this also lead to some inaccurate short balls as well. Another con is his running ability, or lack there of, listen, he is a 6’5” 240 pound quarterback we aren’t asking him to be like Mike Vick, but if he could just scramble a bit better, he would be in better shape to take the job. Lastly, it appears that he stares down his wide receiver right away, he doesn’t check hsi reads as well as DB does, but that is expected in a quarterback that has rarely played.

Well, you guys have spoken, you believe David Blough should be QB1. The great news is, none of us have the power to make that choice, that is up to Coach Brohm this week. Let us pray for a great week of practice, so we can knock of the Cornhiskers at our place under the lights!