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Purdue vs. Rutgers Predictions

Can Purdue Football win a B1G road game?

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Illinois
Just think, Purdue Pete could’ve looked like this guy.
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Jumbo Heroes (6-0) Says:

If Purdue wants to return to any semblance of respectability this is a game they have to win. They’ve built up too much goodwill so far this season to just let it squander against a team like Rutgers. I know that’s not entirely fair to Rutgers because I’m sure they have some great players on their teams but I just can’t think of their names or their positions.

Purdue should be able to outmatch and out-scheme this Rutgers football team. It is a conference road game so I’m sure it won’t be terribly easy for Purdue to win but I think Purdue will ultimately pull away from an outmatched Rutgers squad. As I watch the game this weekend not only will I be enjoying watching a team that is, well, fun to watch, I’m also going to be enjoying some of what I hope will be the best donuts I’ve ever had.

Purdue 42

Rutgers 28

Travis (5-1) Says:

This is a crossroads game for Purdue. Earlier in the season the Boilers went to Missouri and I wrote that it was a test to see how much Brohm had improved things. Obviously, we passed that test. Now is a new one: winning a game we should win. Rutgers is coming in off of their best game of the season where they were dominant on the ground but did next to nothing through the air. For the most part, Purdue has been better against the run this year. There is also the “It was just Illinois” factor. Barring a complete collapse I think Purdue gets a comfortable road win to start the second half of the season.

Purdue 41

Rutgers 24

Kyle (5-0) Says:

This is a must win game if we want to keep our bowl game hopes alive. I think the offense will click and the defense will remain solid.

Travis is the lucky charm.

Purdue 31

Rutgers 14

Casey (5-0) Says:

It's Rutgers. Not to get all Holmes on an answer, but Brohm is going to have the Boilers steam rolling and trolling suckers left and right.

Purdue 42

Rutgers 13

Juan (4-2) Says:

I want to say Purdue wins, but with Travis at the game, and it still being Purdue, I'm not too confident. I'll say Purdue wins, but in ugly fashion.

Purdue 21

Rutgers 17

Holmes (4-1) Says:

I feel so bad for Rutgers as an athletic program I can’t even bring myself to wish anything terrible on them so no need for any redactions week.

Purdue 31

Rutgers 20