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Purdue Football: We Should Name Ross-Ade’s Field

Doesn’t this just make sense?

Ohio State v Purdue Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images

We lost the greatest football coach in Purdue history this weekend. Coach Joe Tiller passed away at the all too young age of 74 years old.

Travis and Juan have done a great job of providing information on Coach Tiller’s career all this weekend and why he is awesome, so there is no need for me to go back to that. What I am here for is an idea, something that should 100% happen in very near future.

Let’s name Ross-Ade Stadium’s Field - Joe Tiller Field.

Quite honestly, it should have already been done. But, you know, Morgan Burke and Joe Tiller were not the best friends.

It is something that has to be discussed. It would be perfect this week to have Drew Brees come back, on his bye week, and announce the decision before the game this Saturday, but that is a way too quick of a turnaround.

It may be after the season, maybe the first home game of next season, regardless, it just needs to happen.

The court in Mackey has been named Keady Court already. Something similar, with Joe Tiller’s signature somewhere on the field should be done, whether behind the end zones or on the 25 yard lines, either would be neat.

Also, it doesn’t have to just be the field. Whatever Mike Bobinski decides to do with the South End Zone, could be named after Joe Tiller. Or, maybe the new athletic complex that was just finished, you name it in his honor.

Travis brought a valid point though. We should name the aquatic center after Coach Tiller, just to really stick it to Morgan Burke.

Juan said since Tiller invented “Basketball on Grass” that it only makes sense to rename Mackey Arena after Tiller.

Whatever it is, it needs to happen. Joe Tiller transformed Purdue Football. he brought basketball on grass to the B1G. He changed the B1G. He had his hand in so many different things at Purdue, there is no reason we should not honor him. He is a great coach, man and teacher. Rest in Peace, Coach Tiller