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B1G Power Rankings

Where does Purdue stand?

Purdue v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images
  1. Penn State

Saquon Barkley and Trace McSorley are on different planets right now. Their head coach, James Franklin has done an outstanding job. The scariest thing is, those two guys are only juniors. Barkley, as long as he stays healthy should be the Heisman winner. Penn State should represent the B1G in the College Football Playoff, as long as they don’t lose as being ranked #2 overall, which has doomed a few teams.

2. Ohio State

Except for an early hiccup against Oklahoma, where Baker Mayfield stabbed a flag in the middle of the field, Ohio State has once again been dominant. J.T. Barrett has dominated the B1G this year at quarterback, accounting for much of the Buckeye offense. If they can knock off Penn State October 28th, then they could be back in the mix in the final four.

3. Wisconsin

The Badgers run game and defense will keep them in any game they play this year. The low scoring affair last weekend against us was encouraging for Purdue, but it played right into Wisconsin’s hands. A low scoring, power run style of game. Wisconsin will be the team that comes out of the west, but will run into the buzz saw of either Penn State or Ohio State.

4. Michigan State

Michigan State has had a quick turnaround. After last season’s disappointing campaign, they are regulars in the top 25 again. Sparty isn’t up there with the top 3 quite yet, but they are getting close again. Their solid coaching and defense will lead them to many wins this year.

5. Michigan

Michigan started hot but has cooled off recently. They struggled against IU and needed a couple of calls to go their way to squeak it out. Michigan lacks quarterback play, which is ironic with a coach that is known for grooming his quarterbacks. Their defense will always keep them in games.

6. Iowa

Same story as Michigan, not great quarterback play, but has a sold run game and a defense that will always keep them in the game. Not to mention, they have the coolest pregame ritual in college football right now. Iowa is one of the teams of our final 6 I have us losing to.

7. Northwestern

Northwestern has one of the top coaches in the league, they continue to improve every year. They have struggled early on this season, but Jackson continues to be solid for them. Great coaching will get them to another bowl game this year.

8. Nebraska

Nebraska is weird to me. They are considered a “Blue Blood” but, they have not lived up to the title since switching to the B1G. They are once again a middle of the pack team.

9. Purdue

I am biased, but this has to be one of the most improved teams in the B1G. The defense is very good and the offense is still trying to find their footing. A team with a bare cupboard, but the coaching staff is great. Could we be bowling?

10. Indiana

IU has shown to be so close in the big time games, but they just have to close those games. They should be another team that goes bowling.

11. Maryland

I have Maryland so low because they are on their like 54th string quarterback. They have a couple of high profile recruits on their team now. They have continued to improve, but injuries have plagued them this year.

12. Minnesota

P.J. Fleck and Minnesota’s boat has lost their oars. After forcing 4 turnovers in the first half against us, they still could not get their offense moving. Last week,

13. Rutgers

They beat Illinois, so they get to be 13 instead of 14 this week. They are improving, but are still a few years off. We get to see them up close and personal this weekend, when Purdue travels to Rutgers. I have Purdue by two scores

14. Illinois

The Lovie Smith experiment has failed. Illinois is trending further and further down.