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Big Ten Network: Brohm Mid-Season Coach of the Year

We have a good one.

Ohio v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

By now, you all understand, we have a really good football coach.

He has taken a football team that won nine total games during the Hazell era, to a 3-3 start in his first year. He is doing so with all of Hazell’s recruits as well. It is really an impressive feat and the media is starting to take notice.

Sure, it is just the middle of the season. But, of the last 6 games, I really feel confident in all of them. I know we won’t win all 6. But, for instance, when is the last time we have been favored in a big ten road game?

I can’t remember, can you? Well this weekend, we are favored by 8 at Rutgers. Sure, it is Rutgers, who is a little better than Illinois, but is still pretty bad.

Then we have the following games: Vs. Nebraska, Vs. Illinois, @ Northwestern, @ Iowa, Vs. IU. I feel confident in saying we can finish 3-3, including this weekend’s game or even 4-2.

If Coach Brohm finishes with a 7-5 record, he is the coach of the year in the big ten. That is working a small miracle with a cupboard that is pretty bare. He went and got some JuCo guys and some grad transfer guys that have stepped in and helped right away.

He and his coaching staff are the real deal. We will be a successful for a long time if we keep these guys around, something I believe that Bobinski will do.