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Purdue Football: B1G Stats from Saturday’s Loss

Saturday was a weird, encouraging, yet also frustrating loss.

Purdue v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

So, we showed some steps going forward Saturday. It was a 17-9 loss, in such a way that I was unbelievably frustrated. It is weird, the past two seasons, I was really never frustrated or upset when we got beat, because well, it was expected. My expectations have risen exponentially over the first part of the season, that I think we could win.

The defense did it’s part, per usual, but the offense sputtered. People were complaining about the play call, etc, but to be even in the game was amazing. If DH was the coach, it would have been a 40 point loss. Remember people, Coach Brohm is working a small miracle here with what has been given to him. So much, that we expect him to make a bowl game this year. Say it with me, a BOWL GAME!

Anyway, here are some funky stats from Saturday.

There is a first for everything:

For the first time in Coach Brohm’s head coaching career, his offense did not score a touchdown.

For. The. First. Time. Ever.

We really should have scored. We had the chances, the defense set the offense up in great spots many times. The Danny E interception, that ended in a Elijah Sindelar brain fart. The blocked punt, where Race Johnson blew a tire and it ended in a field goal.

We had many chances, but squandered them away. Do not expect this to happen many times, because, well it just won’t. In the football world, it takes a lot longer for an offense to get up to speed than a defense, Saturday looked like a large learning curve for ours guys.


After 6 games, our defense has only allowed 121 points. That is right below 21 points per game. Last season, after 6 games, we had allowed 206 total points, or 34 points per game.

In a team that is rebuilding, you have a much better chance of winning games when holding teams to right around 20 points per game, and winning the turnover battle. Last season, Purdue gave up a total of 459 points, or 38 points per game. No wonder why we didn’t win many games. Expect Coach Holt to keep our defense right around 20 points per game, if that happens we may win 4 of our final 6 games.

Another no touchdown stat:

This was the first time since 2013 that Purdue has failed to score a touchdown in a game. The game? We lost to Ohio State 56-0. I will stop right there.

Forced fumbles anyone?

Purdue has forced 9 fumbles this year on defense.

They have recovered all 9 of those forced fumbles. A little luck never hurts anyone.

Coach Brohm has said a million times, the turnover battle is the biggest battle of the game. If you can win that, than more than likely you win the game. If our defense keeps up that percentage, I really like our chances.

Final Stat:


The number of win that we need to be bowl eligible. If this happens, we should build a statue of Coach Brohm.

Boiler Up.