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Wisconsin 17- Purdue 9, Great D but No O

The Defense did all they could, the offense failed to show.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Any time Purdue has gone into Madison over the past decade I just assume it’s going to be a loss. Since the 2004 Purdue vs. Wisconsin game when the two programs were basically evenly matched the two teams have just gone on completely opposite trajectories. While Wisconsin has built their team around power running and having some of the best defenses out there Purdue has struggled to find any type of identity at all. Tonight those trajectories might have stopped going in opposite directions.

The Purdue defense did everything they could today to keep the game close. The Purdue offense however just didn’t do anything to help their case. The Purdue defense played incredible.

  • They intercepted Wisconsin twice, both with the chance of being taken to the house but neither could be finished off.
  • With Wisconsin driving to extend a 17-9 lead to 24-9 Purdue forces a fumble and recovers to give the offense yet another chance.
  • Off those three turnovers Purdue got exactly 3 points. Purdue missed a field goal and threw an interception after another.
  • I know it’s not technically the defense but Purdue also blocked a punt and would’ve gotten a touchdown out of it but it appears that our guy’s hamstring exploded in his leg while the BTN announcers laughed and wondered why he fell down.
  • To go along with that, Purdue held Wisconsin to just 17 points. 17 points, against this Wisconsin team is unbelievable given where Purdue was last year. Nick Holt should be making triple what he is making right now. I don’t care if that means he makes more than Brohm.
  • Not only that, Wisconsin was shutout in the second half. 0 points through the second half. I’m gonna say that again. 0 points in the second half.

The Purdue offense just couldn’t do anything. Going into the fourth quarter Purdue had just 78 passing yards and 33 rushing yards. Wisconsin meanwhile had 172 passing yards and 243 rushing yards.

Purdue drove down the field with a chance to possibly tie it (pending a possible two point conversion) in the fourth quarter but Sindelar wound up throwing a mind blowingly bad interception at around the six yard line and that was all she wrote. You really have to throw the ball away there but he thought he saw an open man and tried to force it.

Going into this game I didn’t expect anything. Hell, I expected a loss. Now though, here I sit upset that Purdue lost a game that in all honesty they could have won. It’s an interesting change from last year. I have expectations. I believe this team can win games like this in the near future, or even this season. It’s amazing what a change in the coaching staff can do.

Much more to come...