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Purdue Football Recruiting: KeyRon Catlett Commits

After losing a receiver, Brohm gains a replacement.

Purdue v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

CJ Hayes decided to not come to Purdue, I have read several things, some say he left because he loves Michigan State, some say the offer was pulled after taking a secret official to Michigan State without telling the Purdue staff.

Whatever it was, it is done. Moments after Hayes decided to leave, KeyRon Catlett announced that he is coming to Purdue. There was speculation over the weekend that he would soon commit, and he did.

He is a smaller receiver at 5’10” and ideally would be a slot receiver. He is teammates with one of our other commits, Kenneth Major who just committed on Sunday. What are we getting with Catlett? Well, presumably someone that isn’t going to jump over someone on the outside and make plays. But, we can expect some special teams duties as well as helping us by playing slot receiver in the middle of the field.

Tomorrow is National Signing Day, there might be some more commits by then or decommits, until then, welcome aboard Keyron!