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Purdue Football Recruiting: Kenneth Major Commits

Coach Brohm continues to flip commits from WKU.

Ohio State v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Coach Brohm is really trying to lift the spirits of the Purdue faithful tonight. After the basketball loss, he has no received two verbals since 6:30. The first was DJ Washington that I recently posted on, this one is Kenneth Major, a cornerback.

Since Coach Brohm has been hired, he has consistently flipped commits from WKU to Purdue. This is another one, he has to be getting close to double digits on flipping kids from WKU to Purdue.

Major, a 6’ Cornerback from Kentucky doesn’t have any other P5 offers according to Rivals, but has a nice highlight tape on his HUDL page. As we wait to hear from Myketli Williams and Corey Winfield, Major gives us some young talent that we can develop over the next couple years.

I’m not sure the level of talent he played against, as he played at Christian County High School, but I do know that he can make plays. The only tape I can find on him is from his junior year, but you can see on there he has pretty solid ball skills and is a playmaker.

With the anticipated commits from Williams and Winfield, it is nice to get some younger additions to the secondary, as getting JuCo players only fill holes for a year or two. Look for Major to redshirt, but if he comes in and can play from day 1, I would welcome that as well. Boiler Up!