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Purdue Football: Isaac Zico Commits

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Brohm squad landed another talented Junior College talent today when wide receiver Isaac Zico decided to torch Big10 defenses for the next 2 years. Zico is a 6’1, 195 pound 3* receiver from Georgia Military College. He has 18 listed offers, mostly from teams that want to throw the ball over the field, including Washington State, Western Kentucky and West Virginia.

His highlight film shows his ability to work his way through the route tree. I’ve watched a bunch of films and I get nervous when all I see is the go route. In Zico’s film, you see the speed to run the go, but you also see the post, slant, corner, out, and stop routes. He’s a physical receiver that does a good job of finding the ball in the air and catching it with his hands. He’s more of a physical wide receiver than a shifty player, but he does have solid straight line speed, and if you run by them you don’t have to make them miss.

This should wrap up the wide receiver position for this class.

JuCo Highlights: