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Two New H&R Shirts Available

Reader Chris Manfred designed two more shirts for us.

First, the bad news. As awesome as the Biggie shirts were, we received a “Cease and Desist” from Purdue for selling them, so I had to take them down. The good news is that Chris Manfred submitted a few new designs for us and they look great. I also got approval for Purdue for them, so they will stay in our shop.

First, we have the “Baptizing the Masses” from a memorable dunk down in Bloomington:

This shirt looks excellent and is now available in our shop with our other designs.

The second shirt is from another memorable moment in Purdue football history:

The “Holy Toledo” shirt is for the famous Drew Brees to Seth Morales touchdown pass that beat Ohio State and sent Purdue to the Rose Bowl during the 2000 season. It is also now available in our shop.

Both of these shirts are available, along with our long-standing “Defense Lives Here” and the “Street Fight Between the Whistles”