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2017 National Signing Day Primer: Where Does Purdue Stand?

By our count Purdue has six spots to fill before signing day.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

A week from today Purdue will officially sign Jeff Brohm’s first recruiting class. It won’t be an earth-shattering one. According to Rivals, it is currently 69th Nationally and last in the Big Ten. Part of that comes from the sheer size of it. At 17 members only Wisconsin has fewer commitments. We also have no 4-star commitments per rivals (though according to ESPN T.J. Jallow and Tyler Hamilton are 4-stars). It is only slightly ahead of Hazell’s 2016 class (74th nationally, 13th in the Big Ten) and his 2015 class (71st nationally, 14th Big Ten), but it is at least slightly better. There are still some decent targets out there, too.

2017 Scholarship Grid (1/25/2017 version)

Player Position ('17-'18) ('18-'19) ('19-'20) ('20-'21)
Player Position ('17-'18) ('18-'19) ('19-'20) ('20-'21)
Da'Wan Hunte CB Senior (5)
Antoine Miles DE Senior (5)
Danny Ezechukwu LB Senior (5)
David Yancey RB Senior (5)
Dezwan Polk LB Senior (5)
Johnny Daniels OL Senior (5)
Keyante Green RB Senior (5)
Anthony Mahoungou WR Senior
Gelen Robinson DE Senior
Gregory Phillips WR Senior
Ja'Whaun Bentley LB Senior
Christopher Parker S Senior
Kamal Hardy CB Senior
Austin Larkin DE Senior
Jalen Neal OT Senior
Malik Kimbrough WR Senior
Dexter Knox RB Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Bearooz Yacoobi OL Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Brandon Roberts S Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Cole Herdman TE Junior (RS) Senior (5)
David Blough QB Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Keiwan Jones DT Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Kirk Barron C Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Martesse Patterson OT Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Tim Cason CB Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Will Colmery DT Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Rob Simmons DE Junior Senior
Ben Makowksi LS Junior Senior
TJ Jallow S Junior Senior
Ethan Smart OL Junior Senior
Joe Schopper P Junior Senior
Markell Jones RB Junior Senior
Eddy Wilson DT Junior Senior
Mykelti Williams S
Markus Bailey LB Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Tario Fuller RB Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Andy Chelf S Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Brycen Hopkins TE Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Chazmyn Turner DE Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Elijah Sindelar QB Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Fred Brown DT Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Jess Trussell TE Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Matt McCann OT Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Michael Little CB Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Michael Mendez OL Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Peyton Truitt OL Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Richard Worship RB Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Sawyer Dawson LB Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Tim Faison DE Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Kai Higgins DE Sophomore Junior Senior
Josh Hayes CB Sophomore Junior Senior
Alex Criddle DT Sophomore Junior Senior
Navon Mosley S Sophomore Junior Senior
Jack Wegher RB Sophomore Junior Senior
J.D. Dellinger K Sophomore Junior Senior
Lorenzo Neal DT Sophomore Junior Senior
Terrance Landers WR Sophomore Junior Senior
Brian Lankford-Johnson RB Sophomore Junior Senior
Brandon Shuman CB Sophomore Junior Senior
Benaiah Franklin WR Freshman (RS) Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Anthony Watts DT Freshman (RS) Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Jared Sparks QB Freshman (RS) Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Grant Hermanns OL Freshman (RS) Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Simeon Smiley CB Freshman (RS) Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Tanner Hawthorne OL Freshman (RS) Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Semisi Fakasiieiki LB Freshman (RS) Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Jackson Anthrop WR Freshman (RS) Sophomore (RS) Junior (RS) Senior (5)
Griffin Alstott QB Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
C.J. Hayes ATH Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Darius Pittman TE Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Nicholas Sipe QB Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Malcolm Robinson DT Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Tyler Hamilton WR Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Dedrick Mackey DB Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Mark Stickford OL Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Jacob Abrams DB Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Jalen Jackson OG Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Giovanni Hightower-Reviere DE Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
D’Jaundrae Edwards WR Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Viktor Beach OL Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
LaPerion Perry ATH
Total Scholarships Left 6 22 39 64
Total Scholarships Used 79 63 46 21

According to our tracking grid there are 6 scholarships left. This is a very inexact science and has a few notes:

· LaPerion Perry is on it, but not tracked. GBI (the authority we defer to here) has said they expect him to decommit, but he is still on the committed list for now. If he signs that would be five spots.

· Mykelti Williams, the former 4-star out of high school that went to Notre Dame, then went JuCo last year, is expected to sign with Purdue. He hasn’t made anything official yet, however, so he is like Perry: on the list, but not counting against the scholarships yet.

Officially, the following players have already signed and are enrolled:

Tyler Hamilton – This is the 5’9” 4-star receiver from South Carolina. He is a true freshman and will go through spring practice at a position of desperate need.

Kai Higgins – Higgins is a JuCo defensive end with three years of eligibility remaining. If anything, he will be key depth this coming season.

Jalen Jackson – Jackson is another freshman at a position of great need. It will help that he can go through spring practice and conditioning, but a 260 pound true freshman offensive guard in the Big Ten could be a disaster. Expect a redshirt as he bulks up.

T.J. Jallow – The 4-star JuCo safety is one of the top JuCo players in the country per ESPN. He has two years of eligibility and will be an immediate impact.

Ethan Smart – The JuCo offensive lineman has two years of eligibility and at 6’6” 290 pounds was brought in to battle for a starting spot immediately. That makes spring practice allt he more important for him.

So who gets the last 6 spots?

Assuming that six is the number of scholarships available, here are my guesses for who gets them.

Mykelti Williams – As stated, GBI said he is basically a lock without an official announcement. He would have three years of eligibility remaining too. Williams and Jallow at safety would be an immediate and significant upgrade in the middle of the secondary.

Corey WinfieldWeather delayed his official visit, but signs look good for him to commit when he comes this weekend. Winfield is a graduate transfer from Syracuse and would only have a single year at Purdue, but he is a multi-year starter and would be a significant upgrade at the position while younger players develop.

Preston Mixon – The offensive tackle has a home visit this week and looks like a strong candidate for Purdue. He was recruited heavily by Brohm at Western Kentucky.

Daviyon Nixon – Nixon visited Purdue this past weekend despite being committed to Northern Illinois. He is a good looking defensive end target and has enough size to play immediately if needed.

Isaac Zico – Purdue needs a wide receiver in the worst way and the JuCo kid would be an excellent pickup. His name also sounds like a Bond villain.

Sterling Jones – we need a linebacker for depth purposes and Jones, a 3-star middle linebacker, would be an excellent choice.

Once again, that is mere speculation as we close in on signing day. We’ll certainly have more later.