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Purdue Football Coaching Staff: Update

Some of the new staff members have been announced on Twitter today.

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If you follow the Purdue Football Twitter religiously, then you already know the news. The football staff is finally coming together.

A few weeks ago, you may remember my article on who I was predicting to come here. I put a couple of Boiler legends to stir the pot a little, but the majority of my predictions were bringing the staff over from WKU, many laughed at me, but it is looking like that is what Coach Brohm is doing.

While I was only 5 years old when Coach Tiller came here from Wyoming, you can remember that he did the exact same thing. He brought his entire staff from Wyoming, that turned out pretty good. I am excited on who Coach Brohm is bringing over.

Here is a chart of my prediction, compared to who has been hired for that position:


Position Prediction Hire Thoughts
Position Prediction Hire Thoughts
OC Brian Brohm Brian Brohm & Tony Levine What isn't to love here? A young, former professional Quarterback coming in as the Co-OC and a former Head Coach. The offense should be really, really good. With those two, plus the boss, we should score a lot of points.
DC Nick Holt Nick Holt A former USC coordinator, and the DC at WKU for Brohm, this hire makes too much sense. His defense was not as bad as what most people think. Their yards per carry was around 3.5, putting them in top 25. Young and fiery guy, with a load of experience.
Special Teams Coordniator Tony Levine Tony Levine The former head coach from Houston is a great hire. You can tell Coahc trusts him a lot with giving him three responsibilities. It will be a tough job, but he wouldn�t be hired for all three spots if they didn�t believe he could do it.
QB'S Brian Brohm Brian Brohm Blugh, Sindelar and Sipe are probably loving this hire. A very successful college QB he struggled in the NFl, but knows the game just as well as anyone and how to get to the higehst point. Great spot for him.
RB'S Chris Barclay N/A I am still feeling pretty confident that Brohm will bring him over from WKU.
WR N/A JaMarcus Shepard He was already hired, but you can see his impact already. Flying twice down to recruit DJ Edwards for a mid year WR is huge. He is an Indiana guy, he will help tremendously in making this our state in the recruiting area.
TE Gerard Parker Tony Levine Just aanother responsibilty for Levine, he will have a lot on his plate, but should do great.
OL Dale Williams Dale Williams WKU had a solid line all three years under Brohm, while part of it might be the offense he runs. Coach Williams was hired last year, so he was only at WKU for one yaer, but coach must have seen enough to keep him around.
DL Reggie Johnson Reggie Johnson Like I stated previously, the WKU YPC average was solid. A good DL coach is a reason for it. Not only is he a good coach, he has midwest ties being from Chicago. He will help with recruiting the Chicagoland area, where there are athletes hidden all over there.
LB'S Roosevelt Colvin Nick Holt I like a DC that takes a position to himself. Holt will do that, this will be good coaching for Danny E, Bentley & Bailey. My guess on Colvin was a dream guess, a guy can always dream.
DB'S Rod Woodson Anthony Poindexter Another dream guess. But, Poindexter was the DC at UCONN beofre being hired to our staff. Before you say "UCONN defense was terrible" that doesn't mean this guy can't coach a position. The point is, he has experience as a DC, so he will provide insight, just because he wasn't a great one means vety little.
Strength & Condtioning N/A Justin Lovett I don't know much, other than WKU looked more like a Big Ten team size and strength wise than we did, so welcome aboard!

This is what we have so far. Hopefully we will soon find out who the running backs coach will be. I am ready for football season, Coach Brohm is going to a great job! Boiler up!