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2017 Purdue Agriculture Recruiting: Sam Hahn Commits

Purdue Agriculture gains a 5-star recruit!

Sugar Cane Workers Labor In Rural Cuba Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Jay Akridge, the Dean of the College of Agriculture has done it again. He continues to bring in top notch recruiting classes to one of the best agriculture programs in the country. Yeah, other schools may brag about national titles and such, but without Purdue agriculture YOU WOULDN’T EVEN HAVE FOOD TO EAT! We run this place when it comes to growing stuff. That includes Dr. Gebisa Ejeta, who won the 2009 World Food Prize.

The next big thing in agriculture came along today, however, as five-star recruit Sam Hahn was locked down:

Sam Hahn has everything you’re looking for in an agriculture student. He is versatile, working with both corn and soybeans, can drive a combine with both hands, and he has been a loyal follower of Hammer & Rails for a while now. He is also a multi-sport contributor, as some dorm in the fall of 2017 is going to get one hell of an intramural player.