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Football Recruiting: It’s Open Season.

Recruiting has opened back up and it looks like our new staff is taking full advantage of it.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Williams said it best yesterday morning. It is indeed open season. Limits are off, it is time to make a late push for some recruits that can come in and make an instant impact for our Boilermakers.

With that being said, Coach Brohm is hosting a plethora of players on campus this weekend. I told the guys, my hope is with the incoming ice storm, I hope that they get trapped here and stay forever, as there is some serious talent in West Lafayette visiting.

Some recruits have already given us their verbal with the new staff and are visiting for the first time ever. Others, well we are trying to get those fellas to join this team.

Here is a WKU flip making his first visit on campus. He has been tweeting all day he seems to be pretty excited to be a Boilermaker, and that is what it is about, bringing in some players that are going to buy in to the program.

Here is some other players rumored to be here:

* = Verbal

*Nick Sipe - QB

*Griffin Alstott - QB

*Mark Strickford - OL

*Robert Hudson - OL

*Darius Pittman - TE

*Brevin Harris - WR

Isaac Zico - WR

Terry Wright - WR

*Malcolm Robinson - DL

B.J. Sharpe - DL

Justin Harris - DL

Dante Johnson - DL

*Giovanni Hightower - Reviere - DL

*Dedrick Mackey - DB

*Jacob Abrams - DB

Mykelti Willams - DB

Hopefully we will get some more verbals this weekend, on T-Mill’s latest scholarship grid, we had 5 shollies left. I am betting those get filled, sooner rather than later. Boiler up!