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Purdue Not Ranked in 2017 Way Too Early College Football Poll

Jeff Brohm has a little work to do to get Purdue back in the rankings for the first time in 10 years.

NCAA Football: Conference USA Championship-Western Kentucky vs Southern Mississippi Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue has not been ranked by the AP college football poll since September 30th, 2007. That week Purdue was 5-0 and coming off of a 33-19 win over Notre Dame. Purdue made it to No. 23 for a week before losing to Ohio State 23-7 in a night home game on October 6th.

It has not been back since. In fact, it hasn’t received a single vote, to my knowledge, since the October 7 poll. that has the Boilers approaching their record for longest time outside the AP poll. Purdue went from October 9, 1984 until October 20, 1997 without being ranked, a gap of a little over 13 years.

After winning nine games in four years it is no surprise that ESPN does not have Purdue in its way-to-early top 25 for the 2017 season. We might believe in Jeff Brohm, but we know he has a long rebuild ahead of him. Next year’s schedule does no favors, either, as it has the following teams that DO appear in the top 25:

September 2 vs. No. 18 Louisville at Lucas Oil Stadium - Brohm will get an immediate chance to make a very loud statement in his first game. The Cardinals only have the reigning Heisman winner in Lamar Jackson, but he looked mortal in his final few games. They were still 9-4 overall and took Clemson to the brink at Clemson. If Brohm shocks everyone and wins this game that ranking streak might just end in 2017.

September 23 vs. No. 12 Michigan - One of Morgan Burke’s final parting gifts was making Michigan the homecoming game. he could have chosen a much easier game a week later against Minnesota, but he picked Michigan, forgoing any chance to move it to a more lucrative night game too.


October 14 at No. 9 Wisconsin - The reigning Big Ten West champion is still going to be pretty good. They bring back 9 offensive starters and 7 defensive starters. there is also that whole “Purdue hasn’t beaten them in 14 years and it often has not even been close” thing.

December 2 vs. No. 4 Penn State or No. 6 Ohio State in Big Ten Championship at Lucas Oil Stadium - What fun are delusions if they are not of grandeur? Purdue can start and finish the regular season in Indianapolis with a monumental victory.