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H&R Podcast #16: Purdue defeats Nevada; Les Miles to Purdue? And more!

We’re back with our latest podcast!

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NCAA Football: Eastern Kentucky at Purdue
Hooray for a podcast!
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

When the season began, we might have said we would start doing weekly podcasts after each game. Well nearly a month later, we finally got around to recording our next podcast...oops.

Part of it was just not having the time to record a podcast, another part was finding the time to edit it (what you hear is more condensed and a less ummmful version of the raw recording). But anyways, we’re back! (But don’t call it a comeback!)

In our latest podcast, Travis and I quickly recap Purdue’s win over Nevada. We laugh at Notre Dame promoting Greg Hudson to defensive coordinator, preview (sort of?) the Maryland game on Saturday, and a few other things.

Along with Sound Cloud (our audio hosting site), you can follow us through other apps (links below):

Also, I hope you guys enjoy our new and cheaply made podcast logo: