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Photos of the new John Wooden Statue

The Legend is now properly honored outside of Mackey Arena.

This morning Purdue unveiled the new statue of basketball legend John Wooden. I know when I posted about the statue last night there was some consternation about where it was placed, but really, the placement is perfect. It is nestled into a nice little alcove between the original part of Mackey Arena and the new West Club structure. It is mere steps away from John R. Wooden Drive, too.

Honestly, it is perfect. When I came around the corner it took my breath away. Mrs. T-Mill and i took our camera today with the intention to get some good pictures of the statue and they came out well:

Here is the full view with Wooden’s Pyramid of Success behind him.

Some perspective on the size of the statue, since I am a little under 6 feet tall.

Even 7’6” John Wooden can’t stop my awesome defense. Bring it, Mr. “National Player of the Year”.