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Nevada vs. Purdue: Game Day Grades

We won? Against a FBS school? It is time to celebrate!

NCAA Football: Nevada at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, we did it. We beat a FBS school. It wasn’t pretty at times but a win is a win. I wanted us to start 2-1 in the Non-Con and that is where we are at, we’re in good shape.. I think. I still can’t get comfortable though. I have picked us to win yet in our weekly pick em’ and I might not all season. But, man, we have 2 more favorable road games at ahead at Maryland and at Illinois, the though of being 4-1 makes me salivate. But, the sad Boilermaker inside of me knows that it is much more likely we end up being 2-3 or 3-2. Okay, enough ranting of excitement, let me grade today.

Offense - B-

I admittedly did not watch all of the game, as I was coaching down the road at Harrison High School this morning, but I did see most of it. Run game was nice, Markell over 100, again. Like I said after our week 1 win, he needs right around 25 touches a game and we will be a good offense. The fumbles? Not pretty, that is why the grade is a bit lower. I wonder if the bum shoulder played a part in the bad carrying of the football. Blough, has to stop throwing Interceptions though, He lookeded decent other than that. 300 yards passing, couple touchdowns. Not a bad day. Bilal Marshall dominated, and Yancey looked good as well. Not a bad day, minus the turnovers.

Defense - A

We stopped the run! 33 carries for 68 yards, that is impressive. Especially with the offense turning the ball over, they played well in sudden change situations. We didn’t force any turnovers, which generally doesn’t bode well when we had 4 on offense. But, somehow, they still managed to only allow 14. The secondary was much better with Hunte being back, there wasn’t an airport opened in Ross - Ade this week. I give props to the Co - Defensive Coordinators this week, they had a great game plan.

Special Teams - B+

Dellinger had a nice 36 yard field goal early in the game. Lankford-Johnson had a nice 45 yard return. I would give them an A, but the failed fake field goal attempt made me lower it a bit. I am a firm believer of, if you are going for it, leave your offense on the field.

Coaching - A

It takes a lot for me to put an A here. But, it is more for the game plans that were created, Malone had a great run first approach, where Markell dominated. Els & Freeman had a great defensive plan. It feels good to win games that we should win. Granted, they had 2 weeks to create a game plan for Nevada. Let’s see how it goes with 5 days, and our first road game.

Next game: @ Maryland 3:30 PM, October 1st.