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Nevada at Purdue: H&R Staff Picks

The Hammer & Rails staff is not thrilled with Purdue heading into its final non-conference game.

NCAA Football: Cal. Poly - SLO at Nevada Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the staff picks again! First, let's take a look at how we're performing so far:

Actual Purdue
Actual Opp.
Travis' Prediction Juan's Prediction JumboHeroes' Prediction Casey's Prediction TheLegend's Prediction Kyle's Prediction Holmes' Prediction Jack's Prediction Rob's Prediction
Purdue Opponent Purdue Opponent Purdue Opponent Purdue Opponent Purdue Opponent Purdue Opponent Purdue Opponent Purdue Opponent Purdue Opponent
Eastern Kentucky 45 24 34 17 35 21 49 10 52 13 47 14 38 17 34 20 38 21 - -
Cincinnati 20 38 27 24 17 31 35 31 24 48 27 21 27 38 31 27 34 31 20 24
at Maryland
at Illinois
at Nebraska
Penn State
at Minnesota
TOTAL 65 62 61 41 52 52 84 41 76 61 74 35 65 55 65 47 72 52 20 24
Average 32.5 31 30.5 20.5 26 26 42 20.5 38 30.5 37 17.5 32.5 27.5 32.5 23.5 36 26 20 24
Total Difference Positive = Underestimate 4 21 13 10 -19 21 -11 1 -9 27 0 7 0 15 -7 10 45 38
Avg. Difference Negative = Overestimate 2 10.5 6.5 5 -9.5 10.5 -5.5 0.5 -4.5 13.5 0 3.5 0 7.5 -3.5 5 12.5 7
Overall Record 1 1 1 1 2 0 1 1 2 0 1 1 2 0 1 1 1 1 1 0
Wins Losses Wins Losses Wins Losses Wins Losses Wins Losses Wins Losses Wins Losses Wins Losses Wins Losses Wins Losses

Juan, Kyle, and Casey are 2-0 having picked Cincinnati two weeks ago, while Rob is 1-0 since he missed a pick for the Eastern Kentucky game. This week we begin with a first time guest pick! Frank from Silver and Blue Sports, the site for Nevada, contacted us for a guest pick, so let's have him start us off:

Frank Meese of Silver and Blue Sports:

This is Nevada's second trip to Indiana this month. The game time won't be an issue as the team is used to practicing early in the morning (Pacific Time, obviously). Also, Nevada's offense finally came together against Buffalo but that's probably more due to the opponent than anything. I don't think Nevada's defense will be able to consistently stop Purdue's offense but I do think they'll force Purdue to make a couple of errors. Additionally, this game is an audition for Polian to get the Purdue job. He's an East Coast guy, will likely take the first P5 job that offers and we should win 8-10 games this year. Our team will be ready to go. Nevada 38, Purdue 28

Drew (The Legend of Shawn McCarthy)

All you haters can suck it! Purdue 30, Nevada 17

Andrew Holmes

Purdue 29, Nevada 27

Rob St. Claire

Colin Kaepernick went to Nevada.  That's all I know about them.
Nevada 28, Purdue 24

Kyle Holderfield
Nevada rushes for over 300 yards. Our defense will continue to look like swiss cheese and if we are lucky, we see a certain someone get fired Sunday afternoon.Nevada 34, Purdue 24

Andrew Ledman

After the "game" against Cincinnati I immediately lost all faith for this season. Then, as I am wont to do, I began to believe again. The bye week helped as did the reports that perhaps Purdue might get some of their injured defenders back. Having two weeks to think about how Purdue could recover defensively really made me want to believe that a win on Saturday was possible. Then I remembered that I've watched this team under Hazell and seen the same thing week in and week out. I shouldn't expect anything else at this point. Until proven otherwise you have to assume the worst. There was a time in the not so distant past when Purdue would play a team like Nevada and it wouldn't be a question of if Purdue would win it would be a question of what percent off we'd get at Touchdown Monday. Those days seem so far gone now. Until this team shows me something I just can't pick them. Nevada 35, Purdue 21

Juan Crespo

It'll be a win that will somehow feel like a loss. Nevada is a team that Purdue should blow out but might not. We'll see. Purdue 24, Nevada 21

Casey Bartley

Nevada gambles against the house and hits big. Nevada 35, Purdue 19

Jack Walker

Coach Hazell has long since lost the fanbase, but he has also lost this team, which has what to play for?  The coach?  A bowl game? Really, only their own self-motivation and dedication to Purdue.  Cincinnati was a pivotal game, and the Boilers were outclassed and beaten in every aspect of the sport of football.  Offense, defense, special teams, coaching, mental attitude, preparation, schemes, motor, etc. etc.  True enough Cincinnati is a better team than Nevada.  We thought we could run on the Bearcats but that didn't work, due to bad run blocking and the defense loading the block daring us to beat them passing the ball.  Now we are told Nevada has a bad run defense.  That should give Purdue some points, but not enough.  They have a solid running game which should be able to run up more points. Nevada running back James Butler is probably drooling on himself waiting for this game.  Purdue has a ton of experience at receiver, but the only one who has really impressed so far is Domonique Young.  The rest are inconsistent at best. The 4-2-5 defense hasn't worked. Until Purdue can prove themselves this season against any middling FBS team, I can no longer pick the Boilers to win a football game.  Here's hoping they will prove me wrong this week. Nevada 34, Purdue 28

Hazell failed me for the last time two weeks ago. Suddenly we're supposed to believe the defense is better when two hobbled starters might play a handful of snaps in Larkin and Hunte? Purdue is down two tackles on an already thin offensive line and Markell Jones is banged up. The staff is still hellbent on its 4-2-5 scheme despite linebackers being a strength on this team and facing a strong running team. This is shaping up to be a disaster. Two years ago Purdue faced a similar team in Central Michigan and got absolutely pantsed at home by a mediocre MAC team. The way Hazell has talked in preparation, plus the key injuries, make me feel like this will be a repeat of that. Nevada 45, Purdue 24